WatchOS 7.0.2 can now be installed: what’s new in this release

Apple released software update for Apple, clock in the last few hours This is watchOS version 7.0.2, designed to tackle the tedious issues that caused not only 7.0.1 but also 7. Fortunately, it is available for all compatible watches, i.e. Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4, Series 5., Series 6 and SE. Here we bring you his most outstanding news.

Bugs and other improvements found in watchOS 7.0.2

Considering that until 2021 we will not see good news, however, in versions .1, .2, .3 and others, you can find another novelty, more remarkable. However, intermediate versions like this 7.0.2 do nothing but fix bugs and problems. In this case, it will serve so that many users can see the fixed bugs that are present even in the newest watches released by the company a few weeks ago.

WatchOS 7.0.2 can now be installed

Itself Apple showed improved battery management in update notes. This is especially important for older watches, as autonomy has been significantly reduced since the release of watchOS 7. Although only a few hours have passed since the launch and writing of this article, it can be said that in many cases this improvement has already been noticed. The problem is also solved access the ECG app from some countries where this feature was already enabled, so it is now fully functional.

In addition, other internal improvements have been added, about which Apple does not mention. We hope that bug fixes such as unexpected reboots in Apple Watch Series 3 will also be present in this version. The aforementioned glitch affected the vast majority of users of this watch, causing a flurry of complaints on forums and social media.

Will iOS 14.1 or 14.2 be coming soon?

The next iOS version should be 14.1, although the official beta version is 14.2. This is probably the nomenclature that changes when it officially becomes available to all users, as this is the strategy that Apple sometimes used. But besides its numbering, the next iPhone update will bring interesting news and may also be linked to the new iPhone 12, which will be unveiled today at a special event. The release dates for this version are unknown at the moment, but in view of the aforementioned company event, it would come as no surprise if this version could be released today.

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