watchOS 7.2: the Apple Watch improves with Cardio Fitness and its measures dedicated to athletes

watchOS Cardiovascular Health © Apple

The latest version of the operating system allows you to get a more detailed view of your VO2 max with detailed graphs.

If watchOS 7.2 is not the most exceptional update released by Apple for its connected watch, it still offers a big novelty related to health data.

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This latest version thus incorporates a new monitoring of VO2 max via the “Health” application integrated into iOS. The analysis of the maximum consumption of oxygen absorbed by the body during an effort is not new, but Apple has decided to completely revise the presentation of the feature to give more information to the user.

The Apple Watch will now be able to tell you your VO2 max during an effort, for example when you walk, run outdoors or hike, but also, and this is new, at any time of the day. No need to launch a workout from the Activity app for the Apple Watch to collect this data, for example during a long walk. The analysis is triggered automatically thanks to the GPS which detects outdoor activity.

“Heart health is increasingly recognized as a robust indicator of overall health, and today with the update to watchOS 7, we are giving more people access to this indicator”says Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer.

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The Apple Watch can alert you if VO2 max is too low over the days

Apple will tell you your average VO2 max over a week, a month and a year, and indications of this value by comparing it to the average levels established by the medical profession. If your cardiovascular health is judged to be low, the application will tell you the possible health risks and some tips to find average levels which allow you to avoid, among other things, the risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease or even colon cancer.

If you don’t frequently watch the Health app, notifications may be sent by the Apple Watch to report a VO2max that is too low if you accept it during the configuration.

To activate this feature, you will have to go to the Health application, then go to the ” Heart Health Levels » and fill in or update some parameters such as your age, your weight, your sex but also the prescription or not of medication in order to obtain more relevant results.

Source : Apple

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