watchOS 9 will recalibrate the maximum battery capacity of Apple Watch Series 4 and 5

wwdc 2022 watchOS recap

The watchOS 9 update will allow a recalibration of the battery of certain Apple Watches.

The Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5 are concerned.

A more accurate battery with watchOS 9?

Good news for all those who will be able to take advantage of the future watchOS 9 update. Indeed, on the Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5, the new operating system signed Apple will take care of recalibrating the battery, in order to lead to a better estimate of the maximum capacity.

Concretely, this means that under watchOS 9, the Apple Watches concerned will indicate a remaining autonomy that is much more precise than today, thanks to a new calibration of the state of the battery. If this is a first on the Apple Watch range, the operation had already been carried out in the past on the iPhone 11 with iOS 14.5.

Recall that the watchOS 9 update was presented during Apple’s recent WWDC 2022, and that it will require at least an Apple Watch Series 4 to be installed. A new version that will focus in particular on sport and the health of the user, including new statistics for runners and a new calculation of heart rates. Currently offered in beta version, the public availability of watchOS 9 is scheduled for the end of this year 2022.

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Source : MacRumors

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