Wget, a tool for downloading web pages on Linux

Wget, a file download function in Linux

This tool is completely free software. it available for Linux so we can use it on distributions like Ubuntu or Linux Mint without any problem. This allows you to upload files in an easy way. It supports various options like HTTP, HTTPS or FTP.


Therefore, it is a very interesting tool if we want to download this type of content in an easy way. It has features that guarantee the connection so that there are no cuts and all files are not loaded correctly. We can also upload large files and change the bandwidth limit we want to use so as not to overload the bandwidth.

Load the site with Wget

While this is not an exclusive web page loading tool, it is a very interesting feature that we can use. In many cases, we may need to have a website on our computer without access to the Internet. Wget allows us to achieve this in a simple way from Linux

To download webpage from wget we have to execute the following command from Linux terminal:

wget -m -F -p -np -k -erobots = off -U mozilla –limit-rate = 50K –wait = 2 –html-extension sitioweb

In this chaos, we could change different parameters. One of them, the main one, is the website. We can, for example, download the website of this article. In this case, we will have to change the “website” to https://www.redeszone.net.

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Some of parameters can also be changed. For example, “limit-rate” is the download speed limit. This is very useful if we have an Internet connection that does not have high bandwidth and we are constantly downloading files. This way, it won’t affect our connection much and we can continue browsing as usual.

As for the “U” parameter, we can change it to the browser we are most interested in. Basically, this allows you to see the page correctly in the browser that we put there. We set the parameter “F” to force you to load the Internet even if you find a problem. For example, if it finds a corrupted file, such as an image, or anything that cannot be downloaded correctly, the download will continue.

When we have all this stuffed up, we just need to let it run. It will automatically start loading the website that we have selected via Terminal Linux … This process may take much longer or less time depending on what the site is, the download limit we have set, etc. The more complex the Internet and the more files it contains, the longer it will take.

Download web con Wget

Later, when the web page is loaded, the files will appear in a saved directory with the name of that website. Thus, it will already be available to open without the need for the Internet.

Why downloading a website is useful

Sometimes we don’t have internet … For example, it may happen that we board a plane and remain without communication for several hours. We may load web pages that we need to work or read information during this time. This is something that we can prepare in advance and be able to open them without the Internet.

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It can also be interesting when we need change or analyze some aspects of the website. We can boot it up and open it with another operating system or hardware where we don’t have a connection, but we have the tools to make certain changes.

In short, loading a website can be very beneficial for users in certain cases. We have various tools at our disposal both for Linux and for other systems such as Windows… However, Wget is a very easy-to-use tool.

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