Whale, the LG browser for dual screen and folding

Whale, the LG browser for dual screen and folding 2

While still awaiting news of the first folding smartphones long announced by Samsung (Galaxy Fold) and Huawei (Mate X), LG could launch its own alternative version to IFA 2019 which will take place in Berlin from 6 to 11 September. In view of the event, today the South Korean giant has unveiled a browser specific for devices with multiple screens, called Whale and developed together with Naver, South Korea’s largest search engine provider.

Whale, a browser for folding and dual screen

Whale, optimized for use on LG Dual Screen and based on Google’s open source Chromium engine, promises to bring the experience multitasking to a new level. The new feature was renamed by Naver “omnitasking”.

We recall that LG Dual Screen was presented by the company during the MWC 2019, on the occasion of the presentation of LG V50 ThinQ equipped with a folding module that functions as a screen extension. Strengthened by the knowledge gained from this experience, LG promises that Whale “will take on a completely new dimension”, with the possibility of moving between two navigation screens quickly and without any kind of complication. It will also be possible to easily perform multiple tasks simultaneously on each screen. These are the examples provided:

  • those who love online shopping will be able to select a site’s category menus on one screen while reading product descriptions on the other;
  • it will be possible to search and read the news in two different languages ​​at the same time.

It is not yet clear whether what the South Korean manufacturer is preparing to launch at the Berlin event could really be a smartphone with a folding panel or it will be a device with a hinge that connects two sides, each with a separate display, so similar to the ZTE Axon M. For now the company has merely announced that a IFA 2019 will present its latest phones that support LG Dual Screen and that these will come with the pre-installed Whale browser.

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