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Download Snaptube APK

Tube Video – Play Tube

 Video Tube - Play Tube

This is an application available for Android and iOS, which makes it easy to download any video from YouTube what you want So this is a completely free solution It has a strong download manager, then it is used a lot. Thus, it contains a special mode that includes background downloads, it has a function suspend and reactivate downloads.

In addition, this application also offers the possibility of uploading many files at the same time without restrictions, it has an integrated browser to find the file you want and even, with various parameters to facilitate the process. Too offers a video player And the best part is that it is compatible with almost all video formats (MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.).

Play Tube & Tube Video

 Play Tube & Video Tube

This is the solution shown for Android and iPhone users, which simplifies downloading videos only from YouTube and it has been added browser to quickly find clips to download. For this, you will always see a green button at the bottom of the screen, which triggers the download of any clip.

For its part, before accessing the download, you can also choose the quality of the file you want. choose the size and resolution of the video. Also, accept most video formats and once you get the content you can directly share it with whoever you want via email or social media.

How to download videos from Facebook online and free?

In addition to downloading videos published on the platform YouTubeUsers also want to know how they can make this download on another website or on a social platform. A clear example of this is the latent needs that people show download the video file you are watching Facebook, one of the most famous social networks in Spain and the world.

Fortunately, there are several methods that you can use for free, download any video from Facebook online And very simple.

One of these tricks is through a converter:

Download Plus.com

To make it easier to load clips into FB, this converter was born giving you a simple tool that you can use download any public video from that platform, it is completely free and also online, since you cannot download or install any software.

The process to follow consists of the following steps:

  • First, enter your account Facebook and navigate to find the video file you want to save on your computer or cell phone.
  • After opening the clip, you need to select the URL of the clip, just hover over it, right click and click “Copy it“We clarify that this can only be done with public videos from social networks and regardless of the duration of the content.
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  • Then enter the web “Download Plus“And proceed to paste the link you copied in the previous step.

Video Downloader for Facebook

 Video Downloader for Facebook

This is an application available for Android users in Google Play Store, which stands out for its ease of use and security when downloading videos and storing them on your phone or tablet, directly from FB. Because it allows you to browse from your social network account, you can search and find all the videos you want quickly.

To continue with this, you only need to open the application, click on “Explore FacebookThen log in with your details and navigate to your profile. So when you play the video you want, you just need to click “Yes“To download the file.


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This is a common solution for iOS users, because it is the center of all their files that contain information, from documents and books, to videos. In this way, it offers you the necessary tools to import files directly from your computer, anything the closest device or through the cloud, for your iPhone and iPad.

In addition, it has functions for download video from Facebook directly and other known websites. Plus, you can save email attachments and web pages to read later.

How to download and save online videos from Instagram from Internet?

In terms of Instagram, another social network with the largest number of users in the world; It is also important to know the best tricks that can exist. download videos posted there. Because, like other platforms, it does not include the option of making this download directly.

In this case, it is worth mentioning that there are Some programs, tools, and applications are currently active that allow you to download and store videos online Instagram.

Here are some optimal alternatives to simply perform this procedure:

Download InstagramVideos.net

 to download Instagram The video

Basically this refers to an online program that simplifies the process of downloading any clip Instagram and the biggest advantage is that It’s free and in the ease of use of the exhibition. With that in mind, you only need to access your account Instagram and open the video you want to download to get started.

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After that, enter the options menu (three vertical dots located in the right corner of the video) and click “Copy the link“; but if you use Instagram Now if you use social media from a web browser, you can copy ULR directly from the top bar.

After completing the above, open the main website of the program and paste the link in the input box, to click “Download video InstagramOnce the process is complete, the file will be saved to your PC or mobile device.


<img class = “aligncenter wp-image-45111 size-full” title = “Savedeo” alt = “savedeo =”” https:=”” uploads=”” savedeo.jpg=”” m=”” src=”https: //internetpasoapaso.com/wp-content/uploads/Savedeo.jpg” data-pagespeed-url-hash=”2477906506″ onload=”pagespeed.CriticalImages.checkImageForCriticality (esto); “/>

One of the best online tools to get the video you want Instagram. Being an alternative option for many users, given the ease and speed it offers. So you just have to enter the video link on the web and click “Download it

It is appropriate to note that this site contains tricks that allow you to obtain videos Instagram faster This trick is to add two “q” to the video URL (search for it through a web browser), then “https: // www.whatinstagram.com/p/jfjsdfjfjAAgjgj/ “, for example; and pressing Enter, they will send you directly to this tool.

Video Downloader for Instagram

 Video Downloader for Instagram

If you are an Android user, you can use this application available on the Play Store that makes it easy to download videos and images from Instagram. Which is marked by ease of use, speed to download files and the options it provides Share your favorite videos and photos with your friends. Like for republish the post.

In this case, the steps to follow to download the file in MP4 are: Open your account Instagram and copy the video url, then go to the app and paste the url, with this the download will start quickly.

How to download videos and GIFs online from Twitter?

To continue downloading online videos from your account Twitter, the most recommended is to use some tricks that allow you to obtain these files in seconds, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Here are two main methods for this:

Add “sss” to the link

One of the main alternatives to download clips directly from Twitter, adding triple “s” to the URL of the file to be downloaded. To do this, you just need specify these steps:

  • Enter your TW account, find the video you want to save and add “sss“Before the word”twitter“In the bar where the link shown is, it looks like this: “Http: // ssscom / whatsappcapses / status / 1118403520376528896”.


  • Then hit the enter key and with that they will send you to a new website where they offer you several options to continue downloading files.


Use the EZGIF website to download GIF

Although you can also download GIF using the above trick, there are other ways to do it with this online tool. Being a very simple way to use it.

The steps to be followed are:

  • Get in Twitter and look for a GIF to download.
  • Then continue copy the content URLby double-clicking on the bar and pressing “Copy” by right-clicking there.
  • Then enter EZGIF and enter the link in the field that says “Or paste the URL of the video«.
  • Now click on “Upload a video!“And with that you will get a file. In addition, you have several options to adjust the GIF to your liking.
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 Use the EZGIF website to download GIF

It should be noted that this tool is also used to convert MP4 files to GIF easily.

How do I download videos from Vimeo online?

In addition to that YouTubeVimeo is one of the most used video platforms in the world. From there, a great relevance knows the main trick to download this video in a simple and free way. In this way, we show that, Using online tools for this is the best method to switch to.

Here are two online tools that make it easy to get Vimeo clips on any computer:

Video grabber

 Video grabber

This is a very effective website when saving Vimeo videos. For that, you can simply access the video platform, search and select files to download, then copy the URL on the video page. Then, paste the link in Video Grabber into the bar that is displayed and click “Download it“I like this the download tab will be generated.

But, on the other hand, you can search for content directly from this online tool, through its section “Search it“Where you can enter keywords or file titles in the search bar and with them, tand it will show all similar results, including those from Vimeo and other similar websites.

Download Video Grabber Windows



This is a much simpler solution than the previous one, which is just looking for a video URL to get from Vimeo, to copy and paste on the web, in the displayed bar. That way, before clicking “Download it“We recommend choosing”Vimeo“In the drop-down menu shown in”Compatible video site

Please note that it is also a good alternative to get video files from Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, Metacafé, Vine, etc.

If you have questions please leave them in the comments, we will get back to you as soon as possible and it will definitely be very helpful to more community members. Thank you ????

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