What does your home screen look like today? [Undersökning]

The home screen is the starting point for a smartphone, from which all apps are usually launched. Thus, the home screen is one of the most important parts of a phone.

Android still offers more possibilities to customize the home screen than iOS, not least thanks to the fact that the entire home screen app can be replaced. In recent years, however, Apple has opened up the home screen a bit, by offering widgets and the option not to have all apps in front.

Many find apps by rote memory and have the same grid of icons and widgets year after year, while others experiment more and change things up. Now we wonder what your home screen looks like today? Are you running a home screen app from the Play Store or the manufacturer’s own?

It is also free for iOS users to share the home screen. In Android, as a rule, screenshots are taken by pressing the power button and the volume down button at the same time. Newer iPhones have the same button combination, fixed volume up instead of volume down.

Screenshots can be shared directly in Disqus by pressing the “upload image” icon in the lower left corner below the text field.

The Lawnchair home screen app is in development again

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