What is and How to Avoid ARP Spoofing Attacks

What is ARP

ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol. In Spanish we can translate this as Address Resolution Protocol. It is a very important protocol on a network whose job it is to find the MAC address that matches the IP address. For this, a packet is sent, which is an ARP request.

Avoiding ARP Spoofing Attacks

Remember to surf the net to send date packages via TCP / IP, the server needs to know some key information. You need to know the subnet mask, IP address and MAC address.

Each device automatically receives a subnet mask and IP address when a connection is established. Later, the MAC address or hardware address is associated with the IP address through what is called ARP.

Therefore, we can say that ARP protocol required for data transmission in Ethernet networks. The so-called data frames can only be sent using the MAC address to the destination servers. In addition, IPv4 cannot store device addresses. This is why this protocol is required for our connections.

The problem is that this protocol sometimes has vulnerabilities. This is why there can be ARP spoofing or also known as ARP spoofing.

What does ARP spoofing mean?

ARP spoofing so this type of attack is known. This is basically ARP table poisoning. This is a method that hackers use to gain access to the network to steal data packets passing through the local network. This way you can control the movement and even stop it.

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Cybercriminals can send bogus ARP messages over the local network. It manages to associate its MAC address with the server’s IP address, which, as we saw earlier, is necessary.

From now on, it will start receiving any information you enter through that IP address and will be able to fully control the traffic.

Therefore, we can say that ARP spoofing consists of sending bogus ARP messages over Ethernet. Associates, for simplicity, an attacker’s MAC address with an IP address and provides an attacker with access to information.

This is a very important issue for companies and private users. We already know that today there are many types of attacks on the Internet, many threats that in one way or another seek to steal information and violate confidentiality. With ARP Spoofing, an attacker can steal sensitive data from a company or user.

This sensitive data can include usernames, passwords, conversations, cookies … In short, information that could put an organization or any particular user at risk.

ARP spoofing

Tools available for this type of attack

Hackers can use a number of tools that are available to everyone and which they use to spoof ARP. We can name some like Arpoison, Netkut or Ettercap

The network is full of platforms and information that can be used by cybercriminals to achieve their goals. One of the biggest problems is that they are very affordable. In fact, the number of varieties of malware most prevalent today is on the rise precisely because of the ease with which it is obtained.

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How to avoid ARP spoofing

Fortunately, we have a few things to consider in order to avoid falling victim to ARP spoofing. There are certain features we can implement to make it harder for hackers to damage our network.

Monitoring tools

One possible option is to use tools to monitor and detect possible vulnerabilities in the system. There are free open source options like Arpwatch that allow you to monitor Ethernet traffic activity.

Split the network into several parts

We can also split the network into several parts. This prevents the attack from affecting only one part, not the entire global network, in the event of an attempted attack by an outsider. However, this requires a more complex network setup.

Safe Neighbor Discovery Protocol

Another option is to use Safe neighbor discovery (SEND) protocol, although it is only compatible with the most modern operating systems.

In short, ARP spoofing attacks are one of the problems that can jeopardize our privacy and online security. It can also affect organizations and control inbound traffic. It is important that we always take steps to protect our equipment.

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