What is the main use of ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is an application aimed at teachers, parents and students. It is a platform similar to social networks that connects the three target groups, improves classroom behavior and helps develop students’ character. Facilitates communication, behavior improvement, and appropriate grading.

So how does ClassDojo work? Which is your main target? As a teacher who wants to improve classroom communication and parent relationships, you will find ClassDojo extremely convenient.

These are some of the basic aspects of this brilliant application.

What is the main use of ClassDojo?

The main use of ClassDojo is to encourage positive behavior in students. To accomplish this, ClassDojo encourages teachers and parents to communicate with each other more frequently. That is an essential aspect of any child’s development path and the primary goal of the platform.

ClassDojo does not focus strictly on classroom management, although it brings more than a few benefits in this regard to the table. It is more about building a healthy culture in the classroom, turning the classroom into a positive environment that facilitates growth and prosperity.

ClassDojo does not discriminate. It is available on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Plus, you can use it on projectors and interactive whiteboards.

The three target groups

There are three main target groups at ClassDojo: teachers, parents, and students. Each group benefits from the platform, in the short term as well as the long term. However, depending on the group we are talking about, the benefits of ClassDojo may differ.

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Promoting positive classroom behavior and strengthening communication between school and home is the essence of ClassDojo. ClassDojo uses the Dojo Point system to improve classroom behavior. The app also features a message system for teachers and parents to strengthen communication between them.

There are several resources for teachers available, such as tutorials that help the teacher learn the basics of ClassDojo. You also receive nightly back-to-school presentations, parent letters, and video tutorials that you can send to the other two target groups.

To set up the teacher profile, go to the official ClassDojo website. You will be asked to name the class and assign a grade level. You will also get class values. By default, ClassDojo offers six positive class values. These are: helping others, participating, homework, perseverance, working hard and working as a team.

On the other side of the spectrum, it has five pre-existing “work need” class values: Disrespect, Homework Out, No Homework, Speaking Out of Turn, No Preparation. Of course, as mentioned above, these values ​​are fully customizable. As a teacher, you can select any of these or create a whole new set and use it instead. Or you can combine the pre-existing values ​​and your custom values. As you can see, the creation of the classroom is entirely up to you.

These class values ​​are crucial as they are used to assign Dojo Points. For example, a student can earn three points for perseverance and lose them for being disrespectful.

One of the fun benefits of ClassDojo is that each student can be assigned a unique Dojo monster. This monster will appear on the student’s ClassDojo personal page.

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If teachers want to simulate an open class, they can invite parents to join their ClassDojo class. They will send an email or text message containing the unique access code to access their student’s profile.

There are three main areas on the ClassDojo teacher page: Classroom, Class historyY Messages. The first tab helps you track class points, student points, as well as create reports. From the Class History tab, the teacher can post messages and photos that will update parents on what is going on inside the classroom. Finally, the Messages tab allows the teacher to communicate with parents. Teachers can send messages in the email form or as texts in the app.


Parents are the spectators at ClassDojo. They can create their profiles and access their pages, but they only see the information that is relevant to them as parents. They can also access behavioral information for their children.

primary use of classdojo

Parents can view their children’s behavior chart that breaks down their children’s performance in this section into subcategories. Parents can access the Class Story, Messages, Notification, and Your Children tabs. Parents can also send messages to the teacher.


Students can view their Dojo Points and their breakdown of progress. As mentioned, they are assigned their Dojo Class monster, which customizes the entire experience.

An important thing to note is that students cannot compare their Dojo Points with those of other students. This is important because competition in a bad mood is never encouraged.

Students may be in multiple classrooms. Most importantly, however, ClassDojo provides students with many useful and information-rich resources. ClassDojo also features lessons on qualities that are often not emphasized in regular classrooms, things like perseverance and teamwork.


Making sure children are safe online is one of the main modern safety goals. Of course, ClassDojo is committed to privacy and security. The platform clearly establishes the information it receives from users and how it will use this information.

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Detailed instructions are available on how to change and delete personal information. After a year of inactivity, all ClassDojo accounts are removed.


You’ll be happy to know that both the ClassDojo website and the Android and iOS apps are free for each target group. You won’t have to pay a penny, be it teacher, administrator, parent, or student.

Primary use of ClassDojo

The primary use of ClassDojo is online education and assistance for the education of children. It is a fully functional platform that helps inspire children, facilitates the work of teachers and allows parents to know the educational life of their children.

Have you ever used ClassDojo? Are you a teacher, parent or student? Feel free to join the discussion in the comments below and discuss ClassDojo, regardless of age.

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