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NESABAMEDIA.COM – Microsoft is redesigning their app store for Windows 11 in hopes of making it even more relevant and more open to developers. In this new version, the Microsoft Store has been completely overhauled with a new interface that matches the new design language Windows and make it easier and faster for users to find and download apps, games, shows and movies.

However, the most significant change is perhaps the new policy that allows independent software developers and vendors to bring almost any form of application to the Microsoft Store, including traditional Win32 (unpackaged .exe and .msi), .NET, and Progressive Web Apps (PWA), as well as the option to let them keep 100 percent of the revenue when using their own monetization platform.

Microsoft will continue to offer monetization technologies that allow companies to retain a small percentage of sales. However, developers will have the option of using their own monetization system.

Microsoft Experience Windows 11 New Stores

New Microsoft Store apps follow the same design language the company pushed on Windows 11 with rounded corners, Fluent Design materials like Mica, new animations, and a simple, responsive experience.

When you open the app, you will see a carousel that includes a collection of the best apps along with their reviews. You’ll find different sections showing your important apps, games, top free apps, and more as you scroll down.

There’s a new search box at the top center that lets you search and quickly find the apps and entertainment you want.

This time, the navigation pane is on the left with buttons to access various tabs, including “Home”, “Apps”, “Games” and “Movies & TV”, as well as “Library” and “Help”.

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On the Home tab that’s where you’ll find a list of reviewed content, which you can get from the Store. Additionally, you’ll see a new carousel at the top of the page featuring the top apps, games, and videos that the Microsoft Store has to offer.

This page is also divided into sections to show you important and top apps, free games, trending content and much more.

The Applications tab looks similar to the Home tab, but it is dedicated to all the applications that can be downloaded on the computer Windows 11.

The Games and Movies & TV tabs have a similar layout, but show content related to their categories.

When you select an app, game, or video, you’ll see a new transition animation that takes you to the product page. Also, depending on the content, you will get a new layout to learn more and download the product.

Unlike the Apps page, you will get a floating bar with the name and the option to download the product as you scroll down.

Then there’s the Library page which lists all the apps you have across devices that are associated with the same Microsoft account. You can sort the list by apps, games, movies and shows, and the apps that came with your device.

Then there’s also the ‘get updates’ button which lets you manually check for and download updates for Microsoft Store apps. However, this shouldn’t be necessary because, by default, the app updates automatically.

In the top right corner, that’s the profile menu that gives you access to manage your account and payment options.

The app settings page has also been redesigned, and looks similar to the Settings app. Here, you can control various aspects of the application. For example, you can turn automatic updates on or off and customize the experience, so you’re never asked for a password when making a purchase.

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Also, similar to previous versions of the app, there are options for offline permission and disabling video autoplay while viewing products.

In conclusion, users Windows 11 will get the same Microsoft Store, but with a different interface and tweaks to make the experience faster and smoother. Also, as the company relaxed the rules and added new changes for developers, you can now find more apps, including traditional, modern, and web apps.

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