WhatsApp will finally be able to work on several devices at the same time

The source code of WhatsApp shows that the application will soon be able to be used on several devices simultaneously. A feature eagerly awaited by some.


WhatsApp on smartphone // Source: Mika Baumeister via Unsplash

Despite its many flaws, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used private messaging applications in the world, especially because of its age. One of its major issues, however, could be quickly fixed with the ability to easily use it across multiple devices.

A security restriction

In order to function, WhatsApp needs a phone number and therefore identifies the user using their phone’s SIM card. However, this implies that it is impossible to use the service from a tablet with the same account as the one used on a smartphone, while the client on the PC connects to the smartphone itself to send and receive the messages.

This restriction is particularly linked to end-to-end encryption which guarantees the security of your messages, the unique decryption key being stored on the phone itself.

“Linked devices” coming soon

Facebook – which owns WhatsApp – nevertheless seems to be working on a feature allowing WhatsApp to be used on more devices simultaneously. In the source code of version beta, WABetaInfo discovered a feature called “”.

Using the phone number and a code sent by SMS, WhatsApp should thus become usable on another phone, or another device that does not have a SIM card, such as an iPad for example.


WhatsApp linked devices // Source: WABetaInfo

In the application, a section will allow, like the current “WhatsApp Web” part, to see all the devices connected to the account and to disconnect them remotely if necessary. In June, elements pointed to the possibility of connecting up to 4 devices simultaneously.

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Bonus: advanced search

Also in version 2.20.196, the advanced search mode, already seen before, has been improved in order to facilitate the exploration of certain types of files within.

WhatsApp advanced search

WhatsApp advanced search // Source: WABetaInfo

At the moment, these features are not deployed and are still under development. It will therefore be necessary to wait a little longer before being able to benefit from it, even on the beta version of the application.

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