WhatsApp’s New Feature Revealed: Nearby Businesses

A new feature that WhatsApp is working on has emerged. It is not yet known when this feature, which will allow users to instantly reach businesses near them, will be available.

The world’s most popular instant messaging app WhatsApp A new feature under development has been revealed. Revealing new features by examining WhatsApp codes WABetainfoThe new feature detected by WhatsApp seems to greatly change the user experience of WhatsApp. So what exactly does the new feature of WhatsApp do?

The new feature that WhatsApp developers are working on to businesses around gives them access. Thanks to this feature, which can be used with a new button to be added in WhatsApp, users can access markets, restaurants, clothing stores and other businesses in their vicinity. they can reach instantly.

Here’s what WhatsApp’s new feature will look like

In fact, with this feature, WhatsApp will become a rival to applications such as Google, Yemeksepeti and Getir. Because a user, WhatsApp “Nearby Businesses” will see a list of the businesses closest to it. Thanks to the filters, these businesses will be categorized as a market or order foodit will be possible with a few taps.

The feature, which is included in the Android and iOS beta version codes of WhatsApp, is currently even for testing purposes. unavailable. In addition, there are questions such as when this feature will reach beta versions and when it will be available in stable. unanswered for now. The company’s official statements will be critical about the future of this feature, which will completely change the WhatsApp experience.

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Source : https://wabetainfo.com/whatsapp-is-working-on-filtering-businesses-nearby/

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