When exactly will the periscope camera come to the iPhone world?

Apple will arrive at the end of 2022 previously iPhone 14 will start using a periscope zoom camera with its models. had happened.

You know, we’ll see you in September iPhone 13 series will be released. If there is no surprise about the name in September of 2022 iPhone 13s or iPhone 14 We will meet the series.

Earlier 2022 It was said that the periscope camera will come to iPhones with models. New sources say that this is not the case, Apple’s plans in this regard. 2023 He said he did it for iPhones. To these iPhones 14s or 15 names can be given.

It is said that Apple, periscope for camera equipment Samsung and connected with Samsung Jahwa Electronics is in talks with the company.

tech giant apple, recently also camera-focused full He received 53 different patents.. Among these patents were many periscope zoom camera systems. In other words, Apple is seriously developing a periscope zoom camera for iPhones, but does not plan to offer it immediately.

The phones that entered our lives because there is no place in them. periscope camera systems, side positioned optics and mirror / prism elements enable high zoom on thin phones and have been actively used by Android for a long time.

What else do we know about the iPhone 14 series?

The latest body-related information came for the models. Solid sources iPhone 14s body material will change and titanium he said it will be used.

Intel makes date for 11th generation Rocket Lake desktop processors

Also in the new family will come soon iPhone 13 not only in “Pro” models as it will be in the series 120 Hz OLED display on all phones will be. Also on phones 4nm A processor that comes out of the production process will be used.

A huge innovation for phones that will continue the notched design is not on the agenda for now. in the new series a “mini“The probability of not having a model are among the details on the agenda.

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