Which UPS to buy?

Although it is very common to find computer UPS, this equipment can be used together with many other devices. Its main function is to provide power in the event of a sudden outage of the light service, preventing the connected appliance from turning off unexpectedly.

The UPS is capable of stabilizing the input voltage to the devices, offering protection against power surges. However, the difference is exactly the UPS battery, which can be useful for many applications.

In addition to being suitable for equipment that cannot unexpectedly shut down, the UPS is a good option for devices that need to preserve essential data. This is the case for servers, computers and CCTV equipment.

It is important to note that there are two types of UPS: online and offline. The online model switches to battery usage at the time the power is cut. Offline takes a fraction of a second to activate the battery. In general, the first type is more suitable for sensitive equipment that cannot be turned off in case of loss of energy, while the offline model is suitable for less sensitive equipment, such as notebooks and refrigerators.

Which UPS to choose?

We have separated some suggestions for Nobreaks. Check out.

UPS Sation II, 600VA, SMS

The SMS UPS Station II has 600VA, is bivolt and has 4 br 14136 outlets. Ideal for not suffering from the unexpected shutdown of electronics.

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This SMS UPS has 4 output sockets and 600VA capacity. That’s enough to seamlessly connect a computer, monitor, and other peripherals such as printers and a phone, keeping them powered on long enough to save and finish a job.

UPS Interactive, 1200VA, Intelbras

With two internal lead-acid batteries, the Intelbras Interactive UPS has automatic battery charging, signals operating conditions and has 6 levels of protection.

With twice the capacity of the previous model, this Intelbras computer UPS is capable of connecting equipment even without the supply of electricity. The device also offers six levels of protection, also acting as an excellent stabilizer for PC.

USP Compact UPS, 1400VA, TS Shara

With a power of 1400VA, the TS Shara Compact XPro UPS has 1 internal sealed battery. It has a blackout function, audible alarm and inverter activation in undervoltage, overvoltage or overload.

Finally, the last model on the list is a UPS with a capacity of 1400VA of power, capable of supporting even high consumption devices, such as a video game or a gaming computer, for almost an hour. There are six output sockets and various features that provide protection for the connected equipment.

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