Why are they more likely to ask you for money if they infect your computer?

Economic Aid Rises With Cyberattacks

ask you for money if they infect your computer

In most cases, a hacker wants to make a profit. You can steal data for sale to third parties, but you can also block files and ask for money to release them. This is a so-called ransomware attack and is undoubtedly one of the most problematic, affecting both businesses and home users.

Cybercriminals are on the rise, according to the latest cybersecurity report from Picus Security targeting ransomware attacks … They postpone other attacks like phishing in order to demand a financial ransom and thus make a profit by infecting the victim’s systems.

The same report indicates that malware variants become more sophisticated and elusive. They modify them in such a way that it is more difficult for antivirus to detect them. If, in addition to infecting the computer, they manage to paralyze its work, they have an advantage in making a profit.

But why is this type of attack gaining momentum right now? One of the reasons is that more and more users are using the network. Hence, they need computers to function properly, they store a large number of files that they cannot lose. Many of them can even hack into business computers, even if they are stored on a personal computer.

Ransomware is the problem

How to protect yourself from ransomware attacks

What can we do to defend against attacks that might demand a ransom in exchange for including files? It is important to take into account some of the tips we are about to give. This will help us improve our protection against ransomware, as well as any other malware.

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The most important thing common sense … We have to avoid mistakes like uploading a file that could be dangerous, or opening a link we got from an email and we really don’t know where it came from.

It is also important to always have on-site safety programs … A good antivirus can prevent the entry of threats that put our system at risk. for instance Windows Defender, Avast or Bitdefender are some of the most popular. Of course, they must be properly updated in order to detect threats well.

On the other hand, having updated systems will also help improve security. In fact, many of these threats will exploit existing vulnerabilities. They will exploit security flaws and thus steal information or, in the case of ransomware, encrypt files to demand a ransom for it.

Ultimately, it’s important to avoid bugs that can lead to ransomware. Computer ransom attacks are becoming more frequent for this, and we must keep our data permanently.

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