Why do content marketing?

do Why do content marketing? ?

to understand why do content marketing , we must first understand its definition. According to him Content Marketing Institute it is:

A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience”.

The content marketing is key for companies that want to demonstrate their expertise on the theme that identifies them. For example, redbull It has been defined as an energy drink that “gives you wings” so its message is that you break your own limits. It is a perfect message for extreme sports. It is the main theme of your content strategy.

Currently the products or services sell a lifestyle. Businesses define people. For this reason, brand content must be relevant, but in the case of content marketing, the axis must be educational and not advertising. The branded content is the advertising content. With content marketing you can demonstrate the experience around relevant topics for the brand’s consumers.

How do you attract customers when you want to do content marketing?

Technology allows access to more and more information. So why do content marketing ? These types of strategies become the hook to hook customers who flee from the constant bombardment of information and advertising that is not relevant.

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How to do it?

  • Offer relevant, downloadable and/or free content
  • Take advantage of the viralization of good content through networks
  • Optimize content for SEO (if you want to go deeper read this note).
  • Place calls to actions (CTA) around the content to encourage them to know about your product (you are seeing it on the right side of this text or at the bottom)
  • Build a content section around it. This section should have content related to the personality of the section and the target audience. NOT Advertising! That is why most companies create a section called blog.

This is important because without relevant content, why would anyone actually visit your website?

What should I not forget when doing content marketing?

The most important thing is not to forget that this should not be a customer experience section. It is not an endless list of specialized branded items. And it’s definitely not paid content.

content marketing It is important for any business because it adds value to your brand. Additionally, it helps to grow your credibility and become an authority for your visitors.

The most important thing is that with content marketing you can build your own audiences around the brand. This is the backbone of any content marketing strategy.

This may interest you:

It’s important to know why do content marketing and how. In this case, our answer is simple: Because the vast majority of current users and customers live their lives around consuming brands and products for what they represent. Content marketing is the way to make a brand manifesto, but around useful content for them.

Target audience, learn how to reach them with valuable content

Help your credibility grow and become an authority for your visitors based on quality content.

Content marketing allows the users themselves to be the ones who carry your message, share it and generate more traffic to your website or networks. GoPro was able to take advantage of this type of strategy by inviting users to share their videos made with the camera and then sharing them on their own portals. This not only showed the characteristics and quality of the product, but also allowed the brand to know the profile of its real user. What do you like? What do they seek?

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