Why doesn’t Sony sell more mobiles?

Unlike HTC, which seems to have thrown in the towel, Sony has continued to release top models, despite a downward trend. The company’s global market share in terms of deliveries and revenues has continued to shrink and is today almost non-existent.

Sony has a strong brand and manufactures, among other things, popular cameras and televisions. The Japanese company has also been a successful player in the console market for decades with the PlayStation. Sony is involved in another corner of the entertainment industry through Sony Pictures and Sony Music.

First Sony Xperia video from @MKBHD for a long time, but he’s asking an important question. Why do you think no one buys Sony smartphones? https://t.co/DxxoFlhLCE

— Xperia Blog (@XperiaBlog) October 6, 2020

Both the Sony Xperia 1 II and the Sony Xperia 5 II are competent and complete phones on paper. So what’s missing? A YouTube video by MKBHD asks the question: “Why don’t people buy Sony smartphones?”. Xperia Blog chimed in and asked the same question and we’re also hooking the discussion.

Why do you think Sony fails to sell more phones? What can Sony do to start picking up market share again and grow in the smartphone market? Is it even vain of Sony to keep making phones and should they give up?

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