Why is July 17th World Emoji Day?

Today is Emoji World Day and you’ve probably seen this information circulating on social media and even here on TechWorld. But you may also be wondering why we are celebrating these almost ubiquitous pictograms today on July 17th — and the answer is quite simple.

the package of Apple features the calendar emoji dated July 17, the day the company announced iCal, its calendar app, during the 2002 MacWorld Expo. Apple it was probably the first major technology company to bet on emojis, with its package serving as the basis for several others.

Against this background, on July 17, 2014, Unicode consortium member and Emojipedia creator Jeremy Burge proclaimed the date as World Emoji Day. Since then, the event has been getting bigger and with more fans.

July 17th and other dates

WhatsApp has long used emojis from Apple and Google, for example, also indicates July 17th as the default date for its calendar emoji. Other emoji sets, such as those by Mozilla and EmojiOne, also indicate the same day in the figure representing the calendar.

Other companies have modified the date displayed on the calendar when creating their own emoji packs. This is the case of WhatsApp and Twitter, which indicate their founding dates on the cards: February 24th and March 21st, respectively.

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