Wi-Fi solution combining Powerline and Mesh technology: TP-Link Deco P9

TP-Link draws attention with its new Mesh technology device. Device that combines Powerline technology and Mesh technology TP-Link Deco P9 is called. A solution to the Wi-Fi problem in multi-storey houses. model It incorporates the powerline technology, which turns the power line into a line carrying the internet at the same time. The device enables to carry the internet to every point where there is a socket on every floor in multi-storey houses.

With Mesh Wi-Fi technology, it creates a superior Wi-Fi network with a single network name and password. Deco P9, which offers the opportunity to connect to the network both wirelessly and by cable on the floors, can establish a dual-band supported Wi-Fi network with a 560 square meter coverage area with the help of the hybrid system.

A network that offers Wi-Fi support for up to 100 devices is created with Deco Mesh systems. The device, which has 802.11ac technology, can reach a total speed of 1,200 Mbps in wireless connection. It also offers fast wired connection support thanks to its two Gigabit Ethernet ports.

What is the price of TP-Link Deco P9 model in Turkey?

Compatible with all Deco models, Deco P9 works in harmony with iOS and Android devices. The device is available in packs of two and three units. The recommended selling prices of the packages are as follows:
– Deco P9 two-unit package: $218
– Deco P9 tri-unit package: $327

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