Will Captain America return to the cinematic universe? Marvel?

Captain America, an integral part of the Infinity Saga

Not so long ago, we remembered here about the mythical conclusion of the saga of the infinity of the cinematic universe. Marvel and how his farewell also included saying goodbye to some of the family’s great characters. Among them were, of course, Steve Rogers , aka Captain America, played by actor Chris Evans, who has several tapes on his resume with a superhero as the main character ( Captain America: the first avenger or Captain America: The Winter Soldier ), as well as others, in which he always took a noticeable part in the main composition.

Will Captain America return?

Even though the bad luck of Iron Man or Black Widow is not over – except that this movie has at least one final movie as a protagonist that hasn’t been released yet – Rogers has clearly said goodbye to fans in Avengers: Endgame , where he chose to stay in the past to finally relive his love story with Peggy Carter, but not before witnessing his mythical shield to the crushed Falcon. This closed an important stage for the figure of this great hero as we ended Chris Evans’ involvement in the next stages of the franchise.

Captain America

Imagine our surprise when we learned about the latest rumor that just shook Hollywood: that the actor is in trouble again. negotiation together with Marvel Studios to put on his imposing costume. You didn’t expect this, did you?

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Chris Evans, negotiations?

Exclusive from the popular American site Deadline, famous for its important leaks related to the entertainment world. The publication states that the source of solvency provided him only with information about the possible return of Evans as Captain America in UCM. It looks like the deal between the actor and the firm has yet to be closed, but negotiations are far enough advanced to rely on upcoming handshake

If the deal is closed, Chris will reprise his role as Steve Rogers in “at least one entry Marvel with an open door for a second title. ” This does not necessarily mean that he a star in them, beware of this. According to the same source, he is likely to appear in a co-production just like Robert Downey Jr. after his last major film ( Iron Man 3 ) appearing in headers such as Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming

Captain America - Vengadores

Even so, it is possible, although perhaps less likely, that the actor will appear in television series taking into account the significant investment that has been made at Disney + with this new format, which will also become part of the structure Marvel…

Would you like to see Captain America in a new title again? Marvel?

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