Will iPad Pro mount the same cameras as the new 2019 iPhones? RUMORS

Will iPad Pro mount the same cameras as the new 2019 iPhones? RUMORS 3

iPad Pro It is one of the most coveted tablet ever, especially by virtue of the operational possibilities made available to professionals.

Advances on futures Apple iPad Pro

The first rumors about this are already circulating on the web.

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Based on what is reported on the site macrumors.com, the new tablet at home Apple should be unveiled early in 2020. This is not the only curiosity worthy of note: the devices could in fact be provided with the same photographic sensors which, almost certainly, will characterize the next generation of iPhone. It should not be missing a ToF sensor dedicated to the three-dimensional recognition of objects, particularly useful in the context of augmented reality.

Regarding this last aspect, however, the accounts do not seem to come back: it is estimated that the aforementioned sensor can interest the iPhone by only starting from September 2020; however, as history teaches us, it is unlikely that the Cupertino company has chosen to implement the latest technological innovations on the iPad Pro and subsequently on the iPhones (therefore unlikely to happen in this case … but we are ready to be proven wrong).

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