Will the 11-inch iPad Pro disappear? Analysis

Aesthetically, they are similar, although not in everything.

If we exclude the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which is larger than the Air difference, we see that the most powerful 11-inch model Apple At first glance, it seems like an iPad Air or vice versa. This is actually not the case at all, as there are certain differences, such as the 120Hz refresh rate in favor of the “Pro”, which clearly distinguishes it from the 60Hz “Air”.

IPad Air 4

The screen size also differs as the Pro model reaches 11 inches and the cheapest model reaches 10.9 inches. This is a slight difference, but it is felt when viewed side by side, as in this case you can see that the “Air” model has slightly thicker edges.

IPad Pro

In terms of cameras, we find a dual lens with flash in the 2020 iPad Pro, although in 2018 there is only a lens with flash, which is too similar to the one built into the iPad Air. We do see very subtle differences in colors with the Air’s green, blue and pink, but its silver and space gray are identical to only two of the Pro’s. But in the end, they are all more or less fixable differences, due to which both may seem at least twin brothers.

And in terms of performance?

Once the aesthetic problem is resolved, and this happens very quickly, you start to tinker with the iPad and test what your tablet is capable of. There is no doubt about that, the A12X and A12Z iPad Pro 2018 and 2020 outperform the A14 Bionic iPad Air. In this case, it is somewhat misleading due to the number assigned to each, but numerous tests have shown this.

IPad Air A14 Bionic chip

However, the iPad Air has a lot to make it stand out, and that for practical purposes is more than enough for most users. Those who are accustomed to doing heavier tasks on their iPad will go for the Pro model for obvious reasons, but another large number of users who, according to this majority, most likely won’t need that much power anyway, since with another iPad they can choose from a very wide range of possibilities. To all this, it should be added that both computers will have the same software useful life, and iPadOS will be updated for a while.

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The difference in price, in short?

Both devices can be found at different prices for each other with specific offers in different stores, so there really isn’t a single and precise difference between the two. If we look at the official site Applewe will see that they share 230 euros for their base capacity. This difference in price can be large, small or fair, depending on the economic opportunities and the perception of each of them, so we will not judge it in that sense.

Always opting for the economy, the iPad Air is truly worth it. While we’ve touched on the differences between the two devices, the truth is that, in more specific terms, there’s no clear superiority to the Pro model that makes it worthwhile. In fact, as we have already emphasized, the majority of the population will be able to choose the Air model without giving up anything with their iPad, as they will have the same capabilities.

iPad prices

Their coexistence is somewhat confusing.

The set of the previous sections allows you to see that as a result, the coexistence of both devices in the directory becomes at least strange. In the beginning, we ditched the 12.9-inch model because we ended up finding noticeable differences between the two, even if in size. Few would doubt between “Air” and “Pro” at 12.9, given that whoever wants the latter is mainly and simply because it is larger.

The fact that both the iPad Pro 11 and the iPad Air are also shared accessories such as Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard makes them even more similar. Therefore, today the most expensive model is slightly in the neutral zone, so our rates tend to be Apple considers two options: erase 11 inch iPad Pro from map, improving 12.9- inch or what make a new revolution what this time if it takes away from this device the new and powerful iPad Air.

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It may take us a few months to find out about this, as there are rumors that the 2021 iPad Pro will arrive in March. That’s when we will know if there are any changes other than mini LED screen technology that these teams will implement. And in case this is the only difference, it will be necessary to analyze whether this change is really large enough to highlight the market niche of these “air” products.

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