Windows 10: all the essential keyboard shortcuts

Do you use a PC on a daily basis and don’t know, or know too little, the keyboard shortcuts? However, a large number of more or less basic manipulations can be carried out more quickly by adopting them. Sure Windows, there are a plethora of them that will save you clicks, reduce the number of actions, and save time on the most repetitive tasks.

Not always easy to remember, the keyboard shortcuts are however often constructed in a logical way, by using a common key (CTRL, Windows, etc.) accompanied for example by a letter which, very often, relates to the English term to which it refers: Ctrl + S for Save, Ctrl + P for Print, or Windows + D for Desktop.

We have selected all the keyboard shortcuts which, in our opinion, are the most useful for the most common uses.

Basic shortcuts

Ctrl + A: select all

Ctrl + C: copy a selected item

Ctrl + X: cut selected item

Ctrl + V: paste a selected item

Ctrl + Z: undo the last action

Ctrl + Y: restore the last action

Ctrl + S: save a document

Ctrl + P: print

Ctrl + left or right arrow: advance the cursor to the beginning of the previous or next word

Ctrl + up or down arrow: advance the cursor to the beginning of the previous or next paragraph

System shortcuts

Touch Windows : open the start menu

Windows + I: quick access to settings Windows

Windows + L: lock your PC

Windows + D: show desktop

Windows + A: display the notification center

Windows + E: view file explorer

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Windows + S: open the search engine Windows

Windows + Shift + S: take a screenshot

Ctrl + mouse wheel: zoom in a page / enlarge the font size

Shortcuts for managing windows

Windows + left or right arrow: move the window to one side or the other of the screen

Windows + up or down arrow: enlarge or reduce window size

Windows + M: minimize all windows

Ctrl + N: open a new window of the active application

Ctrl + W: close active window

Alt + Tab: navigate between open applications on the PC

Alt + F4: close active program

Ctrl + Shift + N: create a new folder

F5: refresh the contents of the window

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