Windows 10 and Xbox Game Pass: the ideal combo for PC gaming

  • Windows, the ideal solution for gaming on PC
  • An in-house boutique to cover all needs
  • All your games in one place
  • A perfect tool to enhance gaming experience
  • Play with all the latest innovations
  • An Xbox Game Pass at the center of the ecosystem
  • The best games on the best platform
  • Windows and Xbox Game Pass: the perfect combo

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Playing on a computer is not new, but in recent years Microsoft has made this activity more accessible and fun thanks to the advent of Windows 10. The American brand’s operating system offers many features aimed at improving the experience of each user. We are therefore going to come back to the strengths of the Windows ecosystem.

Video games have always been one of Microsoft’s favorite areas. The manufacturer is obviously at the origin of the Xbox brand but has never abandoned PC gaming. Launched around the world in 2015, Windows 10 aimed to create a platform that was both ergonomic and designed for gamers. The operating system brings together gamers from all walks of life, whether seasoned or casual. And there are various ways to dive into gaming through a Windows computer.

Whether through a third-party platform, the Microsoft Store or by using the Xbox Game Pass service (which we will come back to in detail later), each user is spoiled for choice according to their desires and level of experience. . Because that’s Windows! An ecosystem open to everyone with a multitude of services at your fingertips. A simple click, a download and the game can begin.

An in-house boutique to cover all needs

Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is the stronghold par excellence for the gaming expertise provided by Windows 10. This online market provides access to big budget games developed by the American firm and its partners (Halo, Ark: Survival Evolved, Gears , Age of Empires, Minecraft) but also to the best titles created for mobile media such as Angry Birds, Homescapes or Candy Crush. They’re great for short on-the-go sessions on a laptop or Surface.

These two worlds are therefore hosted at the same address. Thus, all Windows, Xbox or even Surface users can download content compatible with their machine directly from the Microsoft Store. But the Windows ecosystem isn’t all about itself. It is open to other players who are well established in the video game world and which are very difficult to do without at the moment.

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All your games in one place

Minecraft Windows

Indeed, Windows 10 is a fervent defender of diversity and works with all services aimed at marketing but also at launching games (also known as “launcher”). In this list, we find big names like Steam, GOG, Battlenet, Uplay, Origin and the Epic Games Store. A player who uses one or more services of this type will have access to all of his favorite experiences without the slightest concession. No prerequisites are imposed by Microsoft against this third-party software.

It’s very simple, all the launchers in question work perfectly under Windows. This is good news since the biggest game publishers launch their home service from year to year (Rockstar Games, Bethesda Softworks…). If it is not always easy to find your way around, it is essential to know that a computer equipped with the Microsoft operating system will be able to run each of these services without the slightest difficulty.

A perfect tool to enhance gaming experience


Playing from a PC equipped with Windows 10 has other advantages in terms of ergonomics. We’re going to stop quickly on the Xbox Game Bar. Activated via a simple shortcut (Windows key + G), this game overlay is also compatible with most apps. This tool comes in the form of widgets to view the list of Xbox friends, chat with them or even search for groups and new acquaintances.

Rich in social features, the Xbox Game Bar also allows you to save and then instinctively share screenshots on social networks. All of course without leaving the game launched simultaneously. It is even possible to check the performance of the computer in real time and adjust the volume of different media. In short, this multitasking overlay quickly becomes essential.

Play with all the latest innovations

Forza Horizon 4

To fully appreciate the next-gen games already available and those on the horizon (including the highly anticipated Halo Infinite), Windows 10 has put itself in battle order to support all the latest technologies and innovations in the world of computer games. To obtain ever more realistic graphics teeming with detail, DirectX 12 Ultimate is an integral part of the Microsoft operating system.

This API (i.e. the application programming interface) therefore offers technologies that have become essential in 2020, such as DirectX 12 ray tracing. It does an amazing job on lighting, reflections and all the shadows of compatible games. The main character and all the decor around him will be reflected on the surfaces as it would be in reality. The result is stunning on PC and console players can now enjoy it on the latest Xbox Series X | S. Ray tracing continues to be refined year after year, and Windows 10 is the perfect destination to benefit from it right now.

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Less known to the general public, the Variable Refresh Rate (or VRS) is used to accelerate graphics performance by adapting the resolution of textures according to their visibility on the screen. Mesh Shading also has the function of managing the level of detail in order to save CPU resources on the largest virtual worlds. In conclusion, optimization is at the heart of DirectX 12 Ultimate.

An Xbox Game Pass at the center of the ecosystem

Xbox Game Pass

Launched in 2017 on Xbox consoles and two years later on computers, Xbox Game Pass has become an unmissable service for all Windows 10 gamers. Despite its global popularity, we are still going to take a quick tour of the owner. The Xbox Game Pass is a platform accessible by paying a monthly subscription and then allowing you to download more than a hundred games at will. And several planetary hits can be found in this constantly evolving catalog.

Xbox Game Pass PC is hosted on the new Xbox app which can be obtained for free from the Microsoft Store. Divided into several sections, this app contains a library of games, personalized recommendations and a filter by genre. Using the codes of Windows 10, this platform has a sleek design for exemplary fluid navigation.

Xbox App PC

In terms of subscriptions, two formulas are offered to players. First we have the standard Xbox Game Pass PC at €9.99/month. The second offer is billed at €12.99/month under the name Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This gives access to the service on PC but also on consoles (Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S) and via Android devices. Online play with Xbox Live Gold is also included.

Xbox Game Pass on PC has content for all types of gamers. Family games, sports, shooting, simulation, racing or even the best productions from the independent scene are in the game. Just open the page of the game of your choice then click on “install” to start playing. Everything is both immediate and instinctive from the Xbox app and the catalog continues to expand month after month. Switching from one title to another is extremely simple and as long as your computer is equipped with an SSD, each manipulation is carried out instantly. Totally immersing yourself in an experience has never been so enjoyable.

Xbox App PC Forza

The best games on the best platform

Once the choice has been made, the user can start downloading the game of his choice. There are no limits. The catalog is varied to say the least since it includes recent, independent productions and titles that are a little more dated but adored by critics. Note also the fact that all games from Xbox Game Studios land on the day of their release on the Xbox Game Pass. Iconic licenses like Halo, Forza, Gears, Sea of ​​Thieves or Minecraft are therefore in the game. Among recent arrivals, we must point out that the breathtaking Flight Simulator (2020 edition) is included in the Xbox Game Pass PC. This is one of the best games of the year to discover urgently!

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Flight Simulator 2020 © Asobo / Microsoft

But Microsoft has also teamed up with other partners to fill its service with incredible games. Recently, the publisher Electronic Arts joined the American manufacturer to make its EA Play program available to Xbox Game Pass members at no additional cost. EA games (FIFA, Battlefield, Star Wars, Mass Effect…) can be played at will, recent titles have a long demo (about 10 hours) and exclusive discounts are included. It’s Microsoft’s major Xbox Game Pass partner right now.
Other publishers are logically in the spotlight, such as Bethesda Softworks with its MMO Fallout 76, Square Enix with Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, SEGA with Yakuza Kiwami and even Paradox Interactive with Crusader Kings 3, the iconic strategy game released this year. The list goes on and on, and new games join Xbox Game Pass PC every month. A subscriber wishing to become the owner of a game belonging to the catalog will be entitled to a reduction on it and its extensions.

Windows and Xbox Game Pass: the perfect combo

Put together, all the elements and features detailed above make Windows 10 the operating system par excellence dedicated to video games. Microsoft has set up a real ecosystem deployed on all our devices. This strategy makes it possible to unify the American brand’s gaming universe by strengthening the social dimension between players and offering them the possibility of downloading as many games or software as possible immediately.

Of course, all of this would be nothing without the right technologies and all the power of Xbox Game Pass. For only ten euros per month, everyone can discover their next favorite game thanks to a regularly updated catalog. Benefits and rewards are also unlockable by playing. The Xbox Game Pass has revolutionized the way we “consume” video games and the innovation is not ready to stop with an ever more complete Windows 10. This is where the game takes on its full meaning!

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