Windows 10 launches news and interests: section with news and weather

Users Windows 10 Insider the program has a new section called News and interests (which they probably translate as News and interests ) for several weeks now. This feature will now be available to users of the stable version of the operating system, without waiting for one of two major annual updates.

Windows 10 launches news and interests: section with news and weather

News, weather, promotions and traffic: everything at a glance

This new section can be customized to your liking by getting information about the weather in your area and viewing news by interest which we can customize to our liking. Thanks to this, we can comfortably stay up to date on news in the same way that Google Discover offers on mobile phones. Here we can see news, weather, promotions and traffic information at a glance.

Windows 10 Noticias interests

This lead management option is very convenient, and respects privacy more than Google … If we don’t like something, we delete it, and if we like it, we just need to put a “Like” mark to show the system that we want to see more information related to this content.

In addition to interests, we may also select new proprietary sources if available within news Windows as there are many tech media in Spain that don’t come out. We can also customize how the information is displayed to select only text without photos, and also remove traffic information if we are not interested in it, or about the bag.

We can disable or customize the displayed content

This feature will be active by default, but can be easily disabled. You just need to right-click on it in the taskbar, go to the News and Interests section and set that only the weather icon is displayed, or turn it off. We can also choose to have the window open when we let the mouse move over it without even clicking on it. Unfortunately, in icon mode, you can only see the weather icon as such, and you cannot choose to display only the temperature, or at least the temperature next to the weather icon. Hopefully this option will be added in the future.

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The launch of this feature will continue over the next few weeks, starting today. The company is going to slowly launch it for users, and will need to have Windows 10 1909 or newer … If we install the Tuesday May patch, which is released on May 11, it will be activated by default even earlier. 21H1 arrival, which is expected at the end of May and is called Windows 10 May Update 2021

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