Windows 10: Mail client has problems with Gmail

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Clearly, Windows users are never safe with successive updates. The latest concerns Mail, the messaging application installed by default in the OS. Indeed, if you use it with an account Gmailthere are chances that your emails will disappear.

Microsoft still hasn’t confirmed the problem, and it’s unclear if an official fix will be rolled out anytime soon.

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The recent update in question

After the latest Mail software update (build 16005.12827.20200.0 ), the problem was quickly escalated on the official forums. ” I noticed that when I reply to emails, the email I sent disappears and cannot be found in sent messages, outbox, trash, or anywhere for that matter. The missing email also cannot be found on the Gmail web interface. It appears that it is automatically deleted and deleted from the server » can we read.

In fact, it seems that the emails are not permanently deleted, but kept in the “Spam” folder of Gmail. The latter is also regularly erased.

While waiting for an official fix, Internet users have come up with an effective solution.

  • Go to the official website
  • Click on the settings cogwheel in the top right
  • Show all parameters
  • Filters and blocked addresses
  • Create a filter
  • Enter your email address in the “From” field
  • Click on “Create” the filter
  • Check “Never send to spam folder”
  • Click on “Create a filter”

With this method, you will be able to keep the emails in the right place after each sending. As of June 24, Microsoft has not officially communicated, so we don’t know if the firm is working on a fix…

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Source : Softpedia, mspoweruser

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