Windows 10 may receive 10X version functions in 2020

The main features of Windows 10X, Microsoft’s operating system made for folding, may soon reach the conventional OS version. According to the websites Windows Central and Windows Latest, who spoke with sources close to the Redmond company, the news will start arriving later this year.

After Microsoft postponed the arrival of Windows 10X for next year on dual-screen devices, the company would have focused current tests on single-display devices such as notebooks and conventional PCs. Thanks to this work, the company would be adapting certain functions of the special edition of the software to the conventional version of the Windows 10.

According to the publications, one of the first novelties of the Windows 10X that should appear in the Windows 10 is the ability to run Win32 programs in a secure and controlled virtual environment. The fastest updates present in the system edition for folding will also be adopted in the most widespread version of the OS, according to the sources.

O Windows Central points out that the firm must present the functionalities for the Windows 10 over the next few months, while also featuring exclusive news from the Windows 10X. The company’s goal is to make the two OS editions coexist and deliver a satisfying user experience for its purposes.

Microsoft recently held Build 2020, its flagship event of the year, but hasn’t officially commented on the matter. Still, the Windows Latest points out that multiple company sources revealed the company’s intention to migrate certain resources from the Windows 10X for the Windows 10.

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Featured last year by Microsoft, the Windows 10X is the operating system made for devices like the Surface Neo. In addition to bringing a thoughtful experience to multiple screens, the product also has a leaner interface when used on just one monitor, so much so that its codename is currently “Windows Lite”.

Microsoft has not yet revealed a new launch window for the solution, but the trend is that the Windows 10X hits the market in its final version in early 2021.

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