Windows 10 New Challenges When Google Acquires CloudReady

NESABAMEDIA.COM – Google has secretly acquired a company called Neverware. The company is engaged in the development of CloudReady services, a variant of the Google Chrome operating system that can be installed on Chromebooks, Macs and also Windows PC.

The acquisition process was announced on the Neverware website earlier this week. And Neverware has now joined the Google Chrome operating system team.

The CloudReady service is currently available free of charge to download and install on select devices that have been certified by Neverware. However, Chromium-based operating systems are also available in subscription form with manageability for customers in the education and enterprise categories. Prices start at $20 per device for one year for customers in the education category, and $49 per device for Enterprise customers.

“CloudReady services will remain as available as before, and we are committed to continuing to provide support and maintenance to registered customers. In the long term, CloudReady will be the official service of the Chrome operating system, and users who have subscribed will be upgraded,” the company explained.

Since the service is based on the Chromium operating system, the open-source version of Chrome that runs on Chromebooks, CloudReady will provide the same familiar experience from all the Google software commonly found on Chromebooks, as well as the Play Store.

However, as explained earlier, the CloudReady service will be the official offering of the Chrome operating system, and this means that a lot of things will change on the way forward.

Then what is the main goal of Google by taking over this CloudReady service?

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Over the past few years, the Chrome operating system has enjoyed the best momentum in the education market and poses a real challenge to Windows PCs, Macs and iOS devices. Moreover, now Microsoft is also developing Windows 10X, the light version of Windows 10 which will be launched on a number of new computer devices in the next year.

Windows 10X itself will not support Win32 based applications and will focus more on web and UWP applications. Although on the other hand, Microsoft is also working on developing Win32 applications that can run on Windows Windows 10X.

Windows The 10X is also rumored to be built on devices like Chromebooks, but again, this isn’t something that can be installed on a PC-based device Windows 10 existing.

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