Windows 10 Now Make It Easy For Users To Update Device Drivers

NESABAMEDIA.COM – This past August, Microsoft enabled a new Optional Update option similar to the update in the panel Windows 7 on device Windows 10. Previously Microsoft also handled optional updates via the Device Manager page, but later they decided to disable it, and asked users to use Windows Updates instead.

The changes made by Microsoft are not only about how they make the transition to a more modern interface. Microsoft has also changed the way drivers Windows 10 can be present to the user’s device through the page Windows Updates. As part of this change, users can now easily view all available drivers for their graphics cards or other hardware components.

Microsoft is slowly adding more drivers to the screen Windows Optional Update, and a bunch of new updates that have been released this month. Now Microsoft is also starting to push the presence of drivers for more hardware components used by users. A number of users have also said that they can now see updated drivers for audio components, which were not available before.

For example, Realtek’s drivers are now available on the Optional Updates screen in Windows 10, as seen in the following screenshot.

New Driver Optional Update Screen in Windows 10

New Driver Optional Update Screen in Windows 10

However it should be noted by users that Windows 10 will continue to apply the usual method of automatically downloading and installing important driver updates automatically, without the need for permission from the user.

However, in Windows 10 version 2004 or 20H2, later users will only get a list of optional drivers when they try to search for them using the Optional Update screen.

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Unfortunately, although this step is considered quite good by a number of parties, this on the other hand also causes confusion from the user’s side. The reason is, users cannot decide which driver is suitable for the device they have.

Therefore, in the end users should also always perform driver downloads and installations from their hardware manufacturer’s official website. New, if indeed from the manufacturer’s site the driver you are looking for is still not found, Windows Update can be used as the last solution.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is also reportedly considering an interface change to the on-page Optional Update screen Windows Update to address this issue, and improve a better experience for novice users.

In November, Microsoft has also enabled a feature called “seek-and-install” for a number of plug-and-play devices such as mice and keyboards. While drivers are classified as ‘manual’ drivers by the manufacturer, they will not be installed automatically and these changes will be visible to users using Windows Update to handle their drivers.

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