Windows 10 Pro: 12 more or less known features to boost your telework productivity

  • Productivity and time saving: a plethora of features
  • Windows 10 Pro, also at the service of security
  • The top 3 favorite features of our experts

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Microsoft’s operating system is full of features that can change a user’s life. Two experts guide you towards optimal use of your devices.

Even if confinement now seems far behind us, the period has left its mark and has already left its mark on the future, for example by making teleworking a norm that is tending to become more democratic at great speed. Many employees, students or business leaders working from home, whether occasionally or more regularly, have adopted the Windows 10 Pro operating system. If he is anything but an unknown, the OS has many features. Some are little known or even misunderstood, and others are downright unpopular. However, many are able to boost your productivity by teleworking.

To find the most relevant features and uses that you could sympathize with in the future to increase productivity and security, we spoke with Hervé Chiknagi, sales trainer for Microsoft and Arnaud Schlick, pre-sales engineer at LDLC Pro.

Windows 10

The first relevant feature of Windows 10 Pro fits well with the definition of the beginning. It is the one that will make it possible to find all the functionalities: the search bar. “It allows you to find all the documents, applications and features you need, by typing the name of the document, application or feature, which saves a lot of time because you don’t have to endlessly searching the hard disk for the various elements found there.explains Hervé Chiknagi.

In terms of time saving, there is also the functionality Snap (not to be confused, of course, with the social network). “Sharing your screen and displaying two simultaneous screens allows you to take data from an Excel file, if you work on Excel, or to do Powerpoint, for example”notes the Microsoft trainer. “It makes it look like you’re working on completely separate screens. » A useful way to be more productive, especially in the case
where you don’t have a second screen.

windows 10 calculator

Hervé Chiknagi also appreciates another OS tool, a tool he uses very often: the calculatorwhich has evolved a lot since the last versions. “In addition to doing standard calculations, you will also be able to convert currencies, volumes, lengths, temperatures, surfaces or even energies. » Here, the time saving is once again to be emphasized, since the Windows 10 Pro calculator avoids having to switch to web pages.

Functionality timeline, it allows you to find all the documents on which you have worked day by day. Hervé Chiknagi explains that“From the Timeline, you also have the possibility of adding what is called a virtual office. Imagine that you are in two different environments: one professional, the other personal. You will then be able to completely dissociate them, and thus use the one you need to use at such and such a time, depending on the actions you have to take. »


Arnaud Schlick, for his part, particularly appreciates Microsoft OneNotea feature he admits he still uses every day. ” I
I can leave my notes on my laptop, continue to write them on my phone and in the end have access to them everywhere and synchronize them with all my devices »
he confesses. “As Arnaud pointed out, adds Hervé, you can initiate your work via your smartphone and finalize it with your laptop, sharing your notes with all your employees. »

And since we are talking about smartphones, we obviously cannot talk about OneNote without mentioning the application. Your phonewhich allows you to link your mobile phone, regardless of its brand or OS, to Windows 10.
You can thus, from your PC, “send SMS, retrieve the latest photos taken and have an interaction, a common experience between your smartphone and your computer. »

Arnaud uses on a daily basis what he himself describes as a tool “very simple, very simple. » But damn effective. Ditto (which is a clipboard of Windows 10) allows you to find, using the keys Windows+Vwhich we were able to copy previously, which is an excellent way to find documents, texts or sentences lost when closing a window, for example.

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Cortana ©

Often misunderstood Cortana did more than survive. Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant, included in Windows 10 Pro, is gradually asserting itself. “Not everyone uses it yet, of course, but I use it mainly for two things: first to manage my schedule, because Cortana will be able to help me choose the right time slots depending on the contacts I have. I was able to invite and according to my availability. And then I use it to ask him to find me files, documents on my computer”, explains Hervé Chiknagi. If the search bar is ineffective, just go directly to Toto’s joke-loving virtual assistant.

“Hey Cortana, can you find me the document…”

“In a company, we spend on average 1 day per month looking for documents. » It is obviously a lot, impressive even. And if Cortana, once mastered, can bring her stone to the building to scratch a few seconds here and there and avoid worries of schedule, why deprive yourself of it?

“Over the last few years, the evolution of Cortana has been very significant. Today, the personal assistant relies more and more on artificial intelligence and is increasingly intertwined with Microsoft 365 offers, which allows it to truly be your virtual assistance and to be able to program, manage your agenda, make appointments and manage your business more efficiently than before »explains the Microsoft trainer.

windows hello

Windows 10 Pro, also at the service of security

Among the functionalities useful for securing the computer used by the teleworker, Windows Hello occupies a prominent position. It makes passwords disappear in favor of facial recognition and fingerprints. “You save time because you don’t have to type in your passwords or remember them. And in terms of security, with Windows Hello, you become the password, precisely thanks to facial recognition and fingerprint. As a result, your identification is secure, especially when you know that the first workstation hacked in a company is the user workstation.recalls Arnaud Schlick.

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Nor should we forget Windows Defender, which is Microsoft’s legacy antivirus solution. She’s from elsewhere “truly relevant for SMEs, since it is based on two main factors: it will analyze the behaviors most commonly used during attacks by malware, ransomware, etc. And thanks to artificial intelligence, it will analyze, in a predictive world, the behaviors also used during cyberattacks.describes Hervé Chiknagi.

The Windows 10 Pro specialist recommends associating an Office 2019 or Microsoft 365 license with his PC. ” Why ? Because inside you will find Microsoft Teams, which is the collaboration tool par excellence. » The videoconferencing software makes it possible to exchange files, centralize information, discuss with collaborators, make videoconferencing. Software that has grown wildly in recent months, thanks to confinement that has democratized the use of remote video, in the context of teleworking. Thanks to Teams, “a large number of companies have been able to continue and maintain a business activity or contact with their customers, in a transparent way”.

Windows 10 Pro © fotografiekb /

The top 3 favorite features of our experts

Arnaud (LDLC)

  • The overall simplicity of Windows 10 Pro. If we take the example of a Wi-Fi connection, it took several clicks to connect to a network before. Now, we connect in three clicks. And it works right away, which is the case for many uses.
  • OneNote. I use it every day, I have notes all over the place, on all my devices. What’s interesting with OneNote is that you can take notes even with poor handwriting like mine, and take notes using a stylus or your finger on your touch screen (Windows Ink).
  • Windows Hello. It is a tool that I also use on a daily basis, every morning. Companies often have fairly complex password policies. With Hello, I sit in front of my PC, which detects my face, and I’m connected, which saves a lot of time.
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Herve (Microsoft)

  • Windows Ink. The ability to write down the various elements on your screen, in Word as well as in Powerpoint or other Microsoft tools, saves time on a day-to-day basis. You can take notes, add information to your slides, add text to Word in an intuitive way.
  • my touchscreen. Above all, the use will only be optimal with a modern PC, and I obviously work on new generation PCs. Just as a reminder, a modern PC is a thin, light computer equipped with an SSD hard drive, latest generation Intel or AMD chipset. I was strongly impacted by the use of my smartphone, and the fact of using the touch screen a lot with the mobile made me want to use the touch screen on my laptop. When I’m on the move and I’m in tight spaces (plane, train etc.), I don’t necessarily have the possibility of using my mouse. Touch allows you to get rid of the mouse.

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  • That my PC starts up like clockwork. I recognize it, we are more in the advantage which we benefit from when we have in our possession a modern PC.

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