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Windows 10 comes with several native applications including the popular Notepad. This software is part of the history of Windows, which explains its success and importance.

This position probably explains Microsoft’s commitment to continue its development. In this regard, several updates have been published in order to improve the experience offered by the software. The most important development, however, concerned its arrival on the Microsoft Store.

Clearly Notepad is now available in Microsoft’s online store. This choice allows new improvements and corrections to be offered more quickly. It is no longer necessary to wait for the deployment of a feature update of Windows 10.

Windows 10 and Notepad

Notepad, a notification indicates that a new version is available

Notepad, a notification indicates that a new version is available

A screenshot posted on Twitter reveals that one of the latest changes made by Microsoft is the implementation of a notification system. A notification now appears each time a new version is released. It also allows you to download and install it.

At the moment we don’t know if this notification is available to everyone. It is possible that this is just a test. The system must rely on the ability of the Microsoft Store to announce a new version. If the option to allow automatic updates via the Microsoft Store is disabled, the notification must probably appear in order to start the procedure manually.

Microsoft explains about Notepad

This new update approach is linked to the nature of Windows 10. Launched in 2015, this operating system is considered a service and not a fall application. For six years he has been evolving at the rate of two meetings a year. All of these updates are free. Windows 10 has become Microsoft’s longest running OS.

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