Windows 10: towards a new resource manager attached to the Xbox Game Bar

Windows 10 Task Manager © Windows Latest

Microsoft continues to enhance the functionality of Windows 10 thoughts for players, and in particular its Xbox Game Bar, which will soon offer its own resource manager.

A handy tool to free up resources or quit a crashed game without having to return to the desktop.

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A resource manager directly in game via the Xbox Game Bar

Already capable of displaying CPU, GPU and RAM performance, or even displaying in-game FPS, the Xbox Game Bar will soon improve even further. Coming through the next software update – currently offered for testing to Insiders – there is talk today of a new addition to the tool in overlay of Windows 10 accessible with a simple press of Win + G, namely a resource manager.

Like the one already accessible for years by pressing the famous combination Ctrl + Alt + Del, this version which can be displayed without leaving or putting its game in the background will offer a table grouping the applications and processes currently launched, and their consumption (CPU, GPU, RAM and disk).

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Microsoft always thinks more about gamers

What to see at a glance (with the possibility of sorting by column) which consumes what, to cut an application or a process with a simple click on a cross to save system resources or to quit a crashed application more easily .

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This access via the Xbox Game Bar has many advantages compared to the traditional method. Not only does it save time and allow you to consult information without leaving your game, but above all it reduces the chances of it crashing, since some people don’t really like being put in the background or don’t manage the alt-tab badly when the classic task manager appears.

Source : Windows Latest

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