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Windows He is normally in his home stretch. Microsoft is supposed to enact the RTM from the beginning of September while the “general public” version should begin its deployment in October.

If Microsoft can still make changes, time will soon run out. Support for Android applications, for example, is unlikely. Likewise, the current gaps around the taskbar will not be corrected. For now, there is no reason to believe that Microsoft will make any changes on this subject.

Windows 11 and the taskbar

The taskbar is one of the most striking elements of this new generation of Windows. However, it no longer offers the same functions as those of Windows 10. For example we no longer have a specific context menu. It is also impossible now to drag a file or an application. Changes have also taken place in the flyout menu of the calendar. Under Windows 10, it is accompanied by the Calendar. Options allow you to add events. Everything is then synchronized with the other devices connected to the same Microsoft / Outlook / Exchange account.

Under Windows This has disappeared. If some have argued that it was a bug, it is not. In a recent intervention Microsoft indicated that this was a deliberate choice in order to highlight the Widgets panel.

Not surprisingly, this choice is not unanimous.

Finally to all this is added the impossibility under Windows 11 to display the time in seconds. Microsoft explains

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