Windows 11 based AMD processor problem solved for everyone

Now used by everyone Windows 11 The AMD processor issue for the operating system is finally completely eliminated. removed.

Windows 11 you know in the operating system An issue with AMD processors existed. in two different fields showing (L3 based latency and kernel usage) due to issue performance losses was happening.

Microsoft with AMD In their first statement, they announced that they are working to solve this and that they will release the necessary updates soon. The first Windows 11 update that came out in the past weeks did not even fix the problem. made it a little worse.

However, Microsoft and AMD worked together to solve the problem, and the expected update was rolled out first to a select audience, and now to everyone. With the latest updates, Windows 11 and AMD processors started to get along well and give full performance.

If you have a PC with an AMD processor, there seems to be no obstacle to upgrading to Windows 11. Of course, we are glad that the solution did not take too long.

How to switch to Windows 11 operating system?

All the details you need to know about from here you can reach Windows 11 OS October 5th made its debut on There are three different ways to obtain the operating system.

If you are upgrading from Windows 10, it is recommended that you wait to be notified via Windows Update that the upgrade is ready for your PC.

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However, if you do not want this, Microsoft’s here You can switch to the new operating system using one of the three ways it offers. Also about TPM before upgrading to Windows 11 from here It is helpful to have knowledge.

Official trailer of Windows 11:

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