Windows 11: it’s official, there will soon be tabs in File Explorer

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This time it’s the right one, the tabs will finally make their way to the file explorer of Windows 11. This feature, which has been available on macOS for years, was long awaited on the operating system from Microsoft.

The Redmond giant had already tried to add tabs to Windows 10 in the past, in particular through the Windows Sets feature. An abandoned project which had not however been completely erased from the minds of Microsoft. The thing would have been difficult in any case: the addition of tabs to the file explorer is claimed with vigor on the Windows Feedback hub.

A new File Explorer… with tabs!

During its last conference, dedicated to business and productivity, Microsoft therefore confirmed that the tabs would indeed arrive on the Windows 11 file explorer. The latter will then work a bit like a web browser, with tabs displayed at the top of the window, next to each other. It will be possible to create a new tab using a dedicated command, but also to drag and drop a tabbed element. The right click will finally allow you to choose between opening an element in a new window, or simply in a new tab.

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This announcement follows many rumors shared online in recent weeks. All predicted an imminent arrival of tabs on the Windows 11 file explorer. We are there. Still, for the moment, Microsoft has not yet offered this feature for testing on the latest previews of the OS, but the thing should not delay. The large-scale deployment of this novelty is indeed expected in the coming months.

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Some additional novelties

At the same time, Microsoft announced that it had synchronized its file explorer with the cloud. It will therefore be able to display file suggestions from your Microsoft 365 account. A good way to save time for opening work documents, for example.

We also learn that these new features, which will logically arrive with Windows 11 22H2 (Sun Valley 2), will be delivered with some features specific to the taskbar (drag / drop support) and the start menu (folder addition).

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