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The latest “Preview” version of Windows 11 is accompanied by an important change concerning the start menu. Microsoft decides to no longer allow a rollback to the old version via a change in the registry.

The latest Preview version of Windows 11 no longer allows users to restore the Start menu from Windows 10. This change via a “hack” of the registry is no longer possible. Clearly if you used a registry modification to restore the classic design of the Start menu in Windows 11, it no longer works after installing Preview 22000.65.

Microsoft thus takes the decision to force users to stick to the new approach of its operating system. It is the fruit of an important work of which many elements have been borrowed from Windows 10X.

Windows 11, the start menu hosts a search box

Windows 11, the start menu hosts a search box

From now on Windows offers icons centered on the taskbar. In particular, the start menu is no longer located in the lower left corner. It ends up centered next to the rest of the pinned icons.

Windows 11, a more “productive” environment?

Last month the giant explained

In the first Preview version of Windows 11, a registry modification made it possible to restore the old version of the Start Menu. We are talking about the one used by Windows 10 which for the moment offers a more familiar environment. This trick is no longer available.

This change may indicate that Microsoft wants to impose its new vision of the taskbar. It may also be a temporary change needed to perform as many tests as possible before the release of Windows 11.

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