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Version Windows Vista remastered

Much is said with nostalgia about Windows XP and Windows 7, even though both operating systems are no longer supported. However, Microsoft is leaving other operating systems along the way, some have liked, such as Windows 98 and others hated such as Windows ME or Windows Vista. These systems fell into oblivion much more easily than the previous ones, but there are always those who want to give them a second chance, even if it is imaginary. So, we were able to find out what the successor to XP will be today, Windows Vista: updated version

Addy Visuals is a designer known for creating other updated operating system concepts himself. And today is the turn Windows Vista.

Modern Windows Vista? Why not

New Windows Vista: Remastered Edition marks what was the operating system before and after. It is true that this OS has made many changes since XP and served as the basis for development Windows 7. Transparencies and gadgets came with this. Even Windows 10 shares many parts of the kernel with Vista. But at one time it was far from a good operating system. Vice versa.

Addy Visuals brings us a lot of changes thanks to its new concept of the operating system. The first of them we will see directly in Start Menu … This new menu retains the essence of the original, although there are traces of it Windows 10, a menu in which applications are the protagonists and folders and system tools are at hand. What more could you ask for?

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Version Windows Vista Remastered - 1

One of the features Windows Vista was Side panel , a sidebar that we can bind to, for example, desktop gadgets. This sidebar has been revamped and turned into an action center, just like in Windows 10.

Version Windows Vista Remastered - 4

Windows Vista: Remastered Edition also introduces a new theme: Aero Design 2.0 … This new theme improves the transparency of the operating system and extends to system tools such as File Explorer. We can also find a new dynamic background and of course a dark mode fully integrated with the system.

Version Windows Vista Remastered - 2Version Windows Vista Remastered - 3

How to download Windows Vista: Remastered Edition?

As in other cases, this this is not a real operating system … We are talking about a concept created by a designer who modernizes the system and imagines what this operating system could be if it were released today, and also if Microsoft listened to users about how they would like this OS.

Obviously, we will not see a new “service pack” that will give Vista this performance. Neither official nor unofficial. And even if someone creates an unofficial version Windows Vista with such characteristics, we should not download it under any circumstances. Vista has not been supported since 2017, and furthermore, we should never use versions modified by other users as we do not know what they might be hiding.

We were able to see some of the characteristics of this concept in some of the following versions. Windows 10.

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