Winter sales 2020: dates, advice, info… all you need to know to prepare well by Wednesday!


The new year is starting in the best possible way with the 2020 Winter Sales from January 8, 2020. It’s once again the opportunity to (finally) get some good deals and discover a multitude of good deals at high-tech department. For several weeks, we will compile the most interesting promotions on the best sale items. All you have to do is follow the guide to find out all about this shopping event and the promotions that await you.

From January 8, 2020, find all the promotions and low prices of the Winter Sales via the following links:

  • All Winter Sale 2020 offers on Amazon
  • All offers from the Winter Sales 2020 on Cdiscount
  • All offers from the 2020 Winter Sales on Fnac
  • All the offers of the 2020 Winter Sales on Darty
  • All Winter Sale 2020 offers on Rakuten
  • All the offers of the 2020 Winter Sales on Boulanger
  • All the offers of the Winter Sales 2020 on Rue du Commerce

The dates of the 2020 Winter Sales

No need to present the Sales as this shopping tradition is ancestral in France. For about a month, most e-commerce sites such as large traditional brands apply more or less significant discounts on all products, launch private sales, promo codes for ever lower reduced prices. All categories are concerned, but on Clubic, we will mainly focus on selections of high-tech products (video games, smartphones, computers, televisions, screens, etc.).

For this 2020 edition, the discounts will run from January 8 to February 4, i.e. 4 weeks instead of 6 weeks in 2019. These dates may be different depending on the department depending on exemptions. Thus, in Meurthe-et-Moselle, Meuse, Moselle and in the Vosges, they will begin on January 2 and end on the 29th of the same month. In Overseas France, there are also many special cases. Guyana is hosting the Sales from January 2 to 29, Guadeloupe from January 4 to 31, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon from January 22 to February 18 and Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin from May 2 to May 29, 2020.

If you only intend to take advantage of the Online Sale, then the national dates of January 8 to February 4 will apply. You will therefore not need to rush to the store, because the internet allows you to buy everything (or almost) nowadays. Now that you know all about the calendar, let’s move on to the e-tailers who will participate in this crucial period for the French economy.

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Which e-merchants participate in the 2020 Winter Sales?

As we have already specified a little earlier in this article, practically all the sites specializing in online sales will participate in these Winter Sales. Here is a non-exhaustive list of unmissable addresses during the event.

Amazon still in pole position for Sales

The American giant will take center stage during the Sales. If we will of course share with you the good deals on the high-tech side, Amazon will apply unbeatable reductions on other departments such as clothing for example. This will be the site with the most content and you will find a multitude of promotions from Amazon on Clubic for a month.

Cdiscount will also have its say during the Winter Sales

The Bordeaux site is never stingy with sale products. The operation is quite similar to that on Amazon, but it allows you to favor a French brand. Again, the content will be extremely copious. Like the American multinational, Cdiscount also offers its own premium service which allows members to receive their orders within one working day. A significant advantage for the busiest customers.

Hell’s Sale at Rakuten

Rakuten quickly established itself as a safe bet in online sales. Its high-tech department has nothing to envy to those of the competition. In addition, buying a product on Rakuten allows each time to obtain a discount that can be used on a future purchase. This amount can sometimes be high so remember to always take a look at this address.

Fnac & Darty position themselves as specialists during the 2020 Winter Sales

Both brands will satisfy you if you are looking exclusively for devices in the high-tech category. They are used to applying significant discounts on a wide range of products. In addition, both Fnac and Darty produce exclusive packs that include various items (such as a smartphone sold with accessories, for example). It’s a great way to make a nice group shot.

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Boulanger or French know-how for the Sales

It is with another specialist in the sale of high-tech products that we end our tour of e-commerce sites that should be monitored during the Sales. Boulanger has everything you need in its household appliances and multimedia departments.

Which products are affected by the 2020 Winter Sales?

You have probably already understood this, but we remind you that all categories will see their prices drop during the Sales. The one that particularly interests us is obviously the one devoted to high-tech and new technologies. You will really find everything on Clubic.

Among the most requested products, we find video games. During Black Friday 2019, sites offered great discounts on consoles and other popular games. It will be no different with the Sale. In addition, the prices are likely to be even more interesting since the machines from Sony and Microsoft are coming to the end of their career. Both builders and sellers therefore want to sell stocks quickly.

Another important part is that devoted to smartphones. Whether you are Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Sony or Xiaomi, you will necessarily find what you are looking for in all ranges. There’s no better time to change your mobile… or even your touch pad!

Screens and televisions will also be exposed during this period. These products are generally very popular during the Sales and all the brands apply generous discounts. High-end televisions can even see their price drop by several hundred euros.

Finally, the audio part will be in high demand for the Sales. Headphones, earphones and other speakers (connected or not) are in the spotlight. You will therefore be able to enjoy your favorite songs in the best possible conditions.

We couldn’t cover everything in this article (computers, connected watches, printers, mobile plans, storage solutions, etc.), but everyone will find their account on Clubic for the Sales.

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Our tips for not missing out on the 2020 Winter Sales

Dozens (if not hundreds) of promotions will fall on Clubic from the start of the Sales, on January 8, 2020. Thus, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the pace imposed by the Winter Sales. However, there are fairly basic reflexes to do the Sales well and not lose your footing in this ocean of good deals. Free or paid techniques.

First of all, remember to compare well when you have a very specific item in mind. Even though the price can be very advantageous on Amazon (for example), it is not uncommon to see the price drop even lower elsewhere. In addition, do not always confine yourself to the same sites and do not hesitate to go to less popular addresses (Rakuten, Boulanger…).

In order not to miss a good plan, keep a close eye on the available stocks. The vast majority of sites clearly display the remaining pieces before the inevitable breakage. Again, be sure to read every detail and open multiple tabs on your web browser to monitor other sites. Even if you arrive too late, come back daily, as stocks could fill up again without warning.

Finally, subscribing or activating your free trial to the premium service of one or more sites is crucial. Amazon Prime, Cdiscount at will and other Fnac+ offer many advantages. In addition to fast (usually within one business day) and free delivery, members can access exclusive discounts. Some brands even keep you informed by email when good deals are posted online.

Of course, visit Clubic as often as possible since our experts will be on hand throughout the month to present the best deals for the Winter Sales.

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