WinUI – How the dark theme will change Windows 10 Sun Valley

Dark theme Windows 10 is incompatible. This means that right now, when we activate this mode, there are elements of the system (for example, the search field) to which the new look is not applied. The same is true for other elements of the system, such as context menus, pop-up menus, property windows, etc. In addition, the color scheme of this mode Windows too dark and, unlike what happens with dark mode from, for example, macOS, Windows is ugly, forced.

Dark theme Windows 10 Sun Valley

WinUI will detect a new dark mode Windows 10

WinUI it is a set of rules created by Microsoft that can be used to define the standard appearance of the operating system and all programs that we have installed in it. Generally speaking, the main characteristics of this standard are to prioritize performance and give the user control over customization of the appearance.

Gradually, this new standard is increasingly integrated into the operating system. And now, with the launch of Sun Valley in mind, Microsoft is starting to experiment with different variations of its dark mode to create a unified look.

The first thing we will see is how this dark mode fully extends to all elements of the operating system. Beginning with context menus which appear when you right-click any element of the operating system. These new menus will not only be dark, but will also have rounded corners as part of the new Fluent Design.

Oskuro Solnechnaya Dolina context menu

WinUI will strive to achieve a much greater balance in the default dark theme colors, offering them to all elements on the desktop, all programs, and finally offering the dark mode that users deserve and expect.

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When he arrives

At the moment, these changes are in the testing phase in dark mode. Users only Windows 10 Insider who are already testing Sun Valley builds (DEV channel) may begin to see the first signs of change. Sun Valley will not reach users until it enters fall 2021 so there is still time for all this to be between us.

What can happen is that Microsoft will take advantage of the 2021 Spring Update release. Windows 10 21H1 to check for new dark contrasts in some elements of the system, such as a search engine.

Microsoft hasn’t made any announcements about its plans or intentions at this point, so we’ll have to wait longer to see what this dark mode looks like in the end.

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