With iOS 15, Apple will ask you for your permission to track its ads.

Technology giant Apple iOS 15 Along with this, it will start to get permission from users for its own ads. Here are the highlights detail;

You know with iOS 14.5 / iPadOS 14.5 Application Tracking Transparency period has begun. So what exactly is this feature? Here is Apple’s official statement:

“App Tracking Transparency lets you choose whether an app can track your actions on apps and websites of other companies for ad serving or sharing with data brokers.

“When you get a request to follow your actions, you can tap Allow or App Don’t Follow Me. Regardless of whether you allow the app to track your actions or not, you can continue to use all the features of the app.”

If you select “App Do Not Follow Me”, the app developer will not be able to access the system advertising identifier (IDFA), which is typically used for tracking purposes. Also, the app is not allowed to track your actions using other information that identifies you or your device (e.g. your email address).

Apple will be more open in this process with iOS 15

Apple currently refuses to collect information from people for customized advertising. built-in keeping it open. In other words, your data is collected automatically by the company, contrary to the privacy structure that is constantly highlighted. With iOS 15, on the other hand, tracking will not be built-in, for this, permission will be obtained from the people first.

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In the new period, if you allow, Apple will use the data it collects in its own services and applications. will serve customized ads. It seems nice that people are asked at the end of this, and the process is actively involved in the latest iOS 15 beta.

Apple is reacting to this issue because other developers have been asking users for tracking permission for a long time.

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