With iOS 16 and Cloudflare, CAPTCHAs will gradually disappear

tech giant applerecently launched with iOS 16 operating system another nice feature took.

WWDC22 the most important announcement of the event, here we place iOS 16 operating system, It has become available for download in the past weeks for all supported iPhone models, which you can see at the bottom of the page. In this new version with remarkable features, a “automatic verification” feature is also included. Apple itself describes this feature as follows: “Bypass CAPTCHAs in apps and on the web by allowing iCloud to automatically and privately verify your device and account.”

The feature, which is very useful as it removes annoying CAPTCHAs, is reportedly just “Private Access Tokens” It works on supported applications and websites. In other words, companies / developers need to support the process. This support will increase very seriously in the near future.

Because he is one of the biggest names in the internet world. Cloudflaretoday Turnstile named announced a free API. Thanks to this API, developers “automatic verification” It will be able to easily switch to the system, integrate it into their systems and present it to their users. In this way, the sometimes infuriating CAPTCHAs will gradually disappear.

In the meantime, the operating system previously informed “Pass Keys” feature is included. Tech giants at the start of the year Apple, Google and Microsoft,login without password“to expand the possibility of FIDO decided to expand the scope of their support for the standard. Here’s a brief explanation for this step was done: “With the new feature, websites and apps will be able to provide consistent, secure and easy password-free logins to consumers across devices and platforms.”

It is on this basis that “Pass Keys” feature was introduced with iOS 16 and already some apps and websites started to be used actively. So what exactly does this feature or infrastructure offer? Details are here.

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iOS 16 operating system Sent for free to many iPhone models. These models are exactly as follows, according to Apple’s official statement:

  • -iPhone 13
  • -iPhone 13 mini
  • -iPhone 13 Pro
  • -iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • -iPhone 12
  • -iPhone 12 mini
  • -iPhone 12 Pro
  • -iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • -iPhone 11
  • -iPhone 11 Pro
  • -iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • -iPhone XS
  • -iPhone XS Max
  • -iPhone XR
  • -iPhone X
  • -iPhone 8
  • -iPhone 8 Plus
  • -iPhone SE (2nd generation or newer)

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