With Watch Parties, watch Prime Video content on Twitch with your followers

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Twitch is rolling out Watch Parties, a feature that allows streamers on the platform to watch content Amazon Prime Video with their subscribers. Subject to a few conditions, of course.

The merger between Twitch and Amazon is becoming ever more concrete.

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A new tool to virtually reduce the distance

If it was absolutely necessary to find a positive point in the situation linked to the current pandemic, it would surely be on the side of the improvement and democratization of remote connection tools.

Among them, some offer to watch video content with several people, in a synchronized way, simulating the fact of being together in front of a series or a film. Today it’s Amazon and Twitch’s turn to get started, with Watch Parties.

Accessible in beta for a handful of Twitch users since the end of 2019 and to US Amazon Prime subscribers since last June, this feature is now being rolled out to all Twitch users. Note, however, that this only concerns the desktop version of the application for the moment. The mobile rollout will arrive in the coming months.

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Watch Parties: a 100% Amazon tool

Concretely, Watch Parties offers Twitch streamers subscribed to Prime or Prime Video to broadcast content, offered on the SVoD platform, as they would broadcast a video game. All you have to do is add the quick action ” Start the movie session » to his stream manager, to choose a work… And There you go.

It is of course possible to add your webcam and microphone to the mix to be able to exchange with your subscribers, who will be able to see the series or the film broadcast, under several conditions. In fact, it will be necessary for the viewers are also subscribers to Prime or Prime Video, and that the content being broadcast is available in the country where it is viewed. Yes, Amazon agrees to reduce the borders… But not too much anyway!

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