With YouTube Shorts, Google wants to compete with TikTok

By announcing YouTube Shorts, Google offers to create very short videos entirely filmed, edited, edited and then published from a smartphone. Like another social network, rather popular.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts // Source: YouTube

A first attempt in India

First launched in beta on Android to mobile users located in India, YouTube Shorts lets you create clips limited to 15 seconds by juxtaposing several takes. Finally, the rendering therefore approaches a published on Instagram. Directly from the application, it is possible to choose a sound clip from a sound library which will be expanded thereafter. In normal speed, slow motion or fast motion, it is possible to adjust the playback speed to energize the clip. Note also the presence of a countdown before the start of each recording, as on TikTok, to prepare its staging.

With 2 billion users per month, YouTube promises creators a large potential audience and announces the establishment of a section dedicated to short videos with vertical gesture navigation. Without giving more information, Google promises that an iOS version will be released and that YouTube Shorts will then be available in other countries in the coming months.

YouTube Shorts on Android

YouTube Shorts on Android // Source: YouTube

Between thematic channels with high quality content, documentaries free of rights, films available for rental or even its music service, YouTube continues to multiply the entry points to become the global reference in terms of videos. It remains that if the team of YouTube is able to ensure a very strong generalist audience, it is in fact not as specialized as TikTok in this audience of 15-24 year olds.

The private Stories of Instagram can be shared for a failure

Google is not the only company to want to replicate the craze around TikTok. Last month, Facebook announced the launch of Reels, a new feature for Instagram also allowing to adjust multiple clips for videos of up to 15 seconds with a palette of preset effects and sounds.

What alternative to TikTok in the United States?

For the record, Donald Trump believes that the publisher of TikTok ByteDance is a threat to the security of the United States by collecting too much data from American users on behalf of China. He therefore forced ByteDance to sell its US division to a local company.

According to CNBC, TikTok would register 55 million users worldwide in January 2018 compared to 271 million in December of that year. A year later, the service had 507 million followers and the bar of 700 million monthly active users was crossed last July – including 100 million across the Atlantic – with a total of some 2 billion downloads.

So if ByteDance is forced to throw in the towel on American territory, who will take over?

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