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Dear WPBeginner users,

Syed Balkhi here. As most of you may already see, we unveiled the new WPBeginner design this morning. After tweeting and sharing Facebook I thought we owed an explanation to our users and offered more details. Yes, you came to the site and you probably like WTF. What is this place? Where did the big orange go? What’s going on? Yes, I owe you this explanation. I will format this to explain why we made the change, what has changed, and what future benefits these changes will have.

Why do we switch to WPBeginner? 3.0?

Did you notice we skipped a version there? There was never a message about v2.0 That is because it never brought it to life. When it was over, I decided it wasn’t like I wanted to move on. The old coupons and the gallery were at 2.0 Something sneaky. 4 ago July 2009, when we first launched this site, it has become a great resource. We’ve added WPBeginner WordPress coupons and WPBeginner WordPress Gallery. One of the problems we encountered was maintaining a consistent user interface. It became very difficult to integrate new sections into a larger area. For example, the gallery and coupons were buried after the start. There was only one link in the Sections drop-down menu.

In version 2.0 we try to solve this problem keeping our main design. Once this was done, the version seemed ugly. It seemed that someone had just put things. It was not organized, it was not structured as I wanted. I as a user would hate this site.

The reason we switched to this newer look was because it allows us to grow. Coupons and gallery items appear on every page. Currently they are processed manually, but it is automated in one or two weeks. Every time you visit the site you will see a coupon and a random gallery. If you see that we have a video area soon. This will appear directly as soon as we return from the BlogWorld Expo. We hope to add some very interesting sections that will be very useful.

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This new design gives us room to grow and allows users to navigate through all of our content as a network and not through every site.

So what the hell has changed?

The whole damn thing has changed. This new look came largely from WordPress 3.3- Inspirational Background Theme. We have all the sections in the left navigation area. At the top is the new “Explore” button. Click on it if you feel adventurous.

The design is semi-sensitive. We target popular resolutions / screen sizes. Our iPad screen is not exactly what we want. We do know. We are working on it.

Someone asked him the question that he got rid of the big orange. Yes we did it. When we started the site, it was very new. Now, any other spam site that sells things has it. Sure it works in marketing, but we don’t want to seem like that. We want to show our content more than our services. Content is number 1 because it helps users. If you as a user like our content, of course, you will ask us to work for you. I am personally honored to work with so many of our users.

What is the future?

This is crazy. I’ve always wanted to keep my voice out. I didn’t want it to be written in the first person. But this page is getting bigger. We will soon be adding a revenue sharing program to guest writers. Each writer gets his own credit. Then you will see many first person views.

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The editorial team is mainly made up of David and me, so that may vary. It may still be in the third person, or it may be the first, depending on the topic.

The future is very bright. We have released some very cool new features. The first thing you can see are the videos. Everything will be FREE and completely for beginners. We are working on guides that users can easily access when they visit the website. New users often feel overwhelmed. At first, the site was very small. It was easier for everyone. Very good content is now buried. We want them to be free e-books for our users.

We are working to improve our coupon area. We currently have over 30 coupons, but they will grow very quickly. The gifts we make at WPBeginner have their own area. Managing them as positions gets out of control. We create a separate section like giveaway.wpbeginner or something on the same line. It will be a site that you can monitor regularly. We will try to have continuous gifts so that it never stops. Let’s see how it works. My fingers are crossed.

We are also working to reduce the number of ads. Yes, I want the ads to be more relevant. Instead 8 We only have nasty 125 × 125 ads 1 or 2 bigger ad sizes. For the most part, we advertise our own services that we arrive with.

The future of WPBeginner is promising, or at least I think so. It was a fun trip and I am there all the time.

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I would like to thank you for continually supporting us. We wouldn’t be anywhere without you.

I see that many users are already adapting to the design. I would love to hear from you. If you want to comment that I liked the previous design, you are not useful. We won’t be back, but we really need your help. You can help us by telling us how we can improve.

This is a continuous work like everything we do here. It never stops. We want to build it as well as possible and we need your help. Waiting for comments.

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