Xbox Game Bar to have new widget store with XSplit support

Moving closer to the interests of the PC gaming community, Microsoft will introduce even more features to its popular Xbox Game Bar app. What once only allowed Spotify music tracking, real-time performance monitoring and Xbox social tool control now will have an entire store of customizable widgets — debuting for Xbox Insider attendees with key tools including XSplit and Razer Cortex.

The Xbox Game Bar prevents numerous switching between apps (with the remote alt + tab) with a system of widgets that overlay the game screen via the shortcut Windows + ‘G’. Enhancing this tool, the upcoming Xbox Insider update will add a widget store with new features and expandability.

One of the first to bet on Microsoft’s app was the XSplit app, a popular Gamecaster software to aid broadcasts for Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and several others. With the new widget, the streamer will be able to control important streaming functions — such as volumes, titles and camera settings —, interact with chat, check recent events and view statistics.

Second, Razer will also be one of the first to open the widget store with Razer Cortex: System Booster. The app aims to optimize your computer’s performance, eliminating processes and background tasks, allowing full use of the machine for your game — now, just a click away during gameplay.

Finally, Microsoft claims to be working with Intel to introduce Intel Graphics Command Center (IGCC) tools for the Xbox Game Bar. display configurations and system monitoring for the company’s processor owners.

a growing store

Today (07), Microsoft releases a Game Bar SDK (Beta) development kit, to allow more developers to adopt the application and improve the community experience with its widget.

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Interested parties can access the official Microsoft document to check all the news and start programming. In addition, PC gamers eager to check out what’s new can apply for the Xbox Insider program. However, please be aware that this is a testing environment and that it is extremely necessary to provide full feedback to developers.

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