Xbox Game Pass doesn’t have much financial return, executive suggests

The Xbox Game Pass is certainly one of the most democratic features of the current generation, offering many quality titles at super affordable prices for subscribers. Even though it’s an excellent service, apparently it hasn’t given a great return for the company and who confirms this is Aaron Greenberg, marketing manager for the green side of the force.

Greenberg was asked in an interview by the portal What’s Good Games about the service’s financial return to the company, and while he says Xbox’s finances are okay, he confesses that he doesn’t currently make much money from Microsoft’s exclusive service.

We laugh a lot whenever we hear this. Please don’t worry about us. Microsoft will be fine. We’ll be fine,” Greenberg replied when asked about the profitability of the service.

“It’s a different thought. If you want to optimize profit specifically, you can say, ‘How do we get the most profit out of each consumer?’, or better saying ‘How can we add the most value to our fans?’ , you build fans for a lifetime,” explained the executive.

Greenberg says the Xbox Game Pass currently “isn’t a big profitable move,” but the company is thinking long term. He also comments that “when people feel they’re getting more than they’re paying, they’ll want to keep subscribing to the service and they’ll want to tell their friends about it.”

“We think this is the right thing for the business and we will have long-term benefits. In the short term, yes, the Xbox Game Pass is not a big profit move. But we believe that in the long term it will work for everyone.” Greenberg.

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Kantan Games Inc. analyst Serkan Toto also gave some praise for the service and that the type of investment Microsoft makes in the Xbox Game Pass is akin to “bringing a cannon into a knife fight.”

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