Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft is testing a family subscription, we are waiting for it!

Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft is currently testing a new formula for its hugely popular Xbox Game Pass.

It is a family formula, currently being tested in certain countries, and which could arrive very soon all over the world.

As you probably know, for a few years now, part of the strategy at Xbox has been based on the Xbox Game Pass service. A subscription service that allows, for a few euros per month, access to a large catalog of games to install directly on your console (or PC), with the possibility of enjoying it as long as the subscription remains active.

Currently being tested in Colombia and Ireland, this new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Family formula will allow users to invite up to four other players to also enjoy all the benefits of Microsoft’s service.

22 euros/month for a very advantageous formula?

Obviously, on the price side, this new formula requires paying a few euros more compared to the classic formula. Thus, if the first month is displayed at only 1 euro, it will be necessary to pay 21.99 euros each month to continue to benefit from this family formula (compared to 12.99 euros for the current solo formula).

Concretely, during this test phase, the subscription allows the host (who must be an Insider member) to invite up to four other players, provided that the latter, whether they are Insiders or not, reside in the same country as him. XboxWire indicates that current subscribers who will migrate to this new plan will benefit from a recalculation, a full month being then converted into 18 days for the new Family plan.

Office Lens becomes Microsoft Lens and is enriched with new features

It remains to be seen now if (and when) Microsoft will decide to deploy this new Family offer to all Xbox subscribers. It will then be interesting to note whether or not the American giant will modify certain conditions concerning this new formula, starting with its price, but also the restrictions concerning “guests”. To be continued.

Source : Engadget

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