Xbox Scarlett would offer a "great evolution in the CPU" according to Greenberg

After the brief presentation of Xbox Scarlett in the past E3 2019, it is the leaks from AMD that are offering a greater amount of details about its hardware. The Flute SoC is the project that AMD would be considering for the approach of this hardware that would become Xbox Scarlett or the commercial name given by Microsoft next E3 2010. Its specifications for now remain around that Zen 2 and Navi architecture 10 with 7nm AMD technology, where there are many open questions about its performance. There has been much talk about the hard drive, its global performance, where now, from Microsoft, they comment that Xbox Scarlett would offer a «Great evolution in the CPU».

During Gamescom 2019, Microsoft manager Aaron Greenberg has spoken with OXM to give a more global vision of the work they are doing together with AMD for Xbox Scarlett. This is where he says that a greater jump could be made in the CPU than has been used in previous generational jumps. Almost always the generational leap has been linked to a qualitative leap of GPUs, but this time it seems that its objective is to offer improvements in other areas, where the famous hard drive SSD and the CPU would be the elements that would jump the most.

«We are very happy with the work done with Xbox One X, and that same team is responsible for the development of Xbox Scarlett»says Greenberg. As for the current status of the project, «We are seeing a huge improvement in the GPU», giving the option of obtaining a great performance and fluency at 4K, being a priority that they already marked previously. But Greenberg says that with the Xbox Scarlett «We are going to see a great evolution in its CPU, capable of reaching frame rates of up to 120, which is something that people are not accustomed to seeing today». This substantial change in the CPU is what seems to house all these criteria related to quality of service, where the reduction of loading times and greater accessibility to real-time processing would allow the games and the experience of Xbox Scarlett to be much more fluid in all areas.

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Greenberg says that thanks to these changes is enabled «High-speed instant play through solid-state storage units will allow instant resume, enter games and be able to play directly by eliminating loading times and loading screens that exist today ». In short, for Greenberg, «That will be a great change», although it is clear that one of the elements that have always been a reference for these generational leaps is the jump in graphic quality.

Xbox Scarlett would offer a

And the campaign to promote this project Xbox Scarlett It is focusing on these aspects that improve the ‘quality of life’ of the user. This new detail about Xbox Scarlett, exposing a great evolution in the performance of your CPU, it helps to think that there is a margin of important improvement in other areas, such as those loading times, physical processing, even that objective of [email protected]. But other issues remain to be resolved, such as the aspect related to graphic evolution with other options that give a qualitative leap at the level of reproduction of effects, the Ray Tracing being a reference that seems to be being avoided in the AMD environment for consoles. new generation.

The latest reports on SoC, referring to that Navi 10 Lite GPU, equivalent to an Radeon RX5700, speak of a frequency adjustment that would reach 2Ghz. With this, it has been seen that the AMD chart can compete in gross performance with the Nvidia RTX2080. It is a fact that now serves as a reference, since from today until it is presented Xbox Scarlett or Playstation 5, Many things can happen. It will be necessary to be attentive to any information that arises on these projects, knowing that, as soon, until the E3 2020 there will be no official information of Xbox Scarlett

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