Xbox: Series S and X specifications put side by side, from 4 to 12 TeraFLOPS

Xbox Series X and S

We finally know all the important elements concerning the next two consoles from Microsoft. Thus, the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X were put side by side in order to compare their technical specifications.

And in the end, the difference is not abysmal…

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With its two machines, the American firm intends to address a wide audience of players. Indeed, users on a limited budget and who are not necessarily attached to physical media will undoubtedly find the experience delivered by the Xbox Series S convincing. And for good reason, the console will be sold at the very attractive price of €299.99.

The Xbox Series X will speak above all to users who want to take advantage of optimal rendering (in native 4K) for all the games available. Unlike the Series S, a 4K Blu-ray drive is included. The price is necessarily impacted since it is set at €499.99. Of course, raw power also differs from console to console.

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Xbox Series S & X Specs

Microsoft recently posted a table revealing all the components of its machines.

Let’s mention from the outset the presence of an 8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU in both consoles. Only the frequency changes slightly since it will go up to 3.8 GHz for the Series X and 3.6 GHz on the Series S. The latter is also equipped with an RDNA 2 GPU at 4 TFLOPS instead of 12.15 TFLOPS on the high-end console. This is undoubtedly the major difference between these two versions.

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We already knew that the Xbox Series S would not offer the native 4K of the Series X. It will rather be content to perform an upscaling on the games since its definition will be in 1440p. If it therefore does less well than the Xbox One X (released in 2017) in this area, the Series S is still capable of achieving fluidity up to 120fps, which was obviously impossible on the old Microsoft consoles. .

The Series X and S will also share the same custom SoC engraved in 7 nm and a PCIe 4.0 SSD which will guarantee very short loading times. On the other hand, owners of the Xbox Series S will have to be satisfied with a capacity of 512 GB instead of the 1 TB of the Series X. In any case, the memory storage will be expandable via a Seagate memory card (1 TB).

Finally, the most expensive machine will carry 16 GB of RAM in GDDR6 against 10 GB for the second.

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A single ecosystem

Rest assured, all games will be optimized for each console. Indeed, the American firm clarified that they share the same development environment. This allows studios to release their titles effortlessly on both hardware. It will still be necessary to ensure that this promise will endure over the long term.

Either way, both Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will support essential features like the Variable Rate Shading and the DirectX Ray tracing. The Xbox Velocity Architecture is logically at the heart of Microsoft consoles to offer a wide range of possibilities. We will therefore be delighted to have access to the functionality Quick Resumeallowing you to juggle almost instantly between several games launched, on both models.

Also, even if the Xbox Series S is not equipped with a 4K Blu-ray player, the catalog will be strictly similar to the launch, on November 10. Backward compatibility of Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One games will be included, as will backward compatibility of all accessories released on the previous generation.

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Finally, remember that the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X can be purchased through the Xbox All Access program. This monthly credit from € 24.99 per month will spread the console payments over 24 months and benefit from a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate over the same period.

Source : Tom’s Hardware

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