Xbox Series S has 364 GB free for SSD games

Microsoft finally lifted the restrictions on the Xbox Series S this Thursday morning (5th) and now we can give more details about all the technical aspects of the company’s two new consoles. After all, how much free space do we have on the incoming video game’s SSD NVMe? According to the system information, 364 GB are usable and when you turn on the console, there is 362.1 GB free (probably due to pre-installed apps).

It is common for consoles not to bring all the actual space to use, as the measurement conversion never guarantees all available gigabytes and the device system has a slice reserved for its functions. Check out:

Xbox Series S has 364 GB free for SSD games

Xbox Series S has 364 GB free for SSD games

One of the features of the Xbox Series S is the Quick Resume, which transfers games that are running in the console’s RAM memory to a “save state” on the SSD, so that the game can be resumed even after playing other games, leaving several “suspended” titles to be resumed quickly. This functionality requires use of SSD storage, which is allocated to the system without the player being able to use it.

For those who want to expand the 512GB of storage on the Xbox Series S, you must buy an official SSD expansion card from Microsoft in partnership with Seagate, which in Brazil costs R$ 2,299.

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